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Why is Salon Hair So Hard to Achieve at Home?

Everyone loves the feeling of leaving a Charleston hair salon. There is something wonderful about having a professional work their magic on your hair. You think you will be able to follow the same steps by yourself to get the same result, but that usually doesn’t happen. Often, we become frustrated when we can’t recreate that feeling at home, but there are some good reasons why this is so hard to achieve.

Stylists have training and experience – and this makes a big difference

You can achieve some impressive results when you style your own hair, but even the best at DIY do not have the experience and training that professionals do. Sometimes hair stylists don’t get enough credit for all of the skills they acquire through training and experience. They can make something that is hard to achieve look effortless. Not only do they make it look easy, but they are usually fast. They might do in fifteen minutes what it will take you an hour to do at home by yourself. If you see them doing something interesting, ask for tips!

Stylists know their products

This is a big one. Stylists know which products are worth their weight in gold because they work in them all day long and they are exposed to so many different brands. Better yet, they know which products work best with what hair type. So, if your best friend recommends something, it might be great, but it might not be great for your hair type. If you love the way your hair feels after a Charleston hair salon visit, ask what products they used and why.

They use the right tools

Just like products, stylists know which tools are worth the money. You won’t catch many of them using a value straightening iron or curling iron. Even something as small as a bobby pin, most stylists have their favorite brands they know work because they depend on them and use them every day. If you are trying to do a salon job with a mediocre tool, you definitely will not get the same result.

Experts factor in everything from face shape to your personal style

If you have been going to the same stylist for a while, they really get to know you. You might think you want a particular style, but they know it won’t necessarily work for your lifestyle or involve more time than you want to give. Even a new stylist will take into account your face shape, hair type, and overall personality to give you a look you will love.

Hair and makeup salons stay at the forefront of trends

Stylists continue to take classes and attend conferences because the world of hair and makeup is always moving forward and changing every season. In order to stay competitive, they are usually ahead of the curve with new styles and trends. They are also the first to know when a trend has run its course and it’s time to find a new style. Don’t skip going to Gibson Hair and Makeup because the pros can enhance your look more than you can at home!