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hair color correction specialist

What You Can Expect From a Hair Color Correction Specialist

We’ve all experienced our fair share of hair troubles. For those who belong to the 71% of women who color their tresses at home, you’ve probably encountered a color mishap or two along the way.

If your hair has been through the color wringer, it’s time to ditch the box dye and head straight to your friendly Charleston salon. Discover what to expect from a hair color correction specialist and how they can work their magic to make your hair color dreams come true!

What Is Color Correction?

Hair color correction is a specialized treatment that works to restore, enhance, and neutralize the tone, shade, or pigment of the hair. Common issues of improper processing include fading, banding, brassiness, or imbalance in hair color.

The hair color correction cost and method can vary with each client, depending on the texture, elasticity, porosity, and overall condition of their hair. This intricate corrective process helps to achieve a more vibrant and balanced color.

What Does a Hair Color Correction Specialist Do?

A hair color correction specialist is well-versed in color theory and formulations. This allows them to create a custom blend of shades and tones tailored to your hair needs and goals.

During a consultation, a salon professional will thoroughly assess your current hair color. This helps them to identify issues and determine the appropriate methods needed to treat hair color correction damage.

The stylist will also conduct a strand and elasticity test. This will assess the hair’s response to chemicals. Factors such as allergies, skin tone, and client preferences will also be taken into account.

Hair Color Correction Process

hair color correction process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few sessions, depending on the hair color mistakes and the client’s desired outcome. Some of the most common color correction techniques include:

  • Color remover to dissolve artificial pigment
  • Bleach for an intense lift from dark to light
  • Color refilling to replace missing pigment
  • Lightening to fix unnatural color banding
  • Color blocking for patchy color distribution
  • Highlights to correct dark or uneven areas
  • Color melting to blend roots with natural hair

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Your Dream Hair Color

Hair color correction methods can potentially harm your hair. Reversing the damage can be a complex process, but we’re here to revive your tresses and help you achieve the look and confidence you deserve.

The hair of your dreams is only a consultation away. Don’t miss out! Book your appointment with a hair color correction specialist at Charleston Hair and Makeup today!