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What is a Keratin Treatment and Why You Need It.

Do you deal with really thick and frizzy hair? Do you find that your hair never tends to cooperate with what you want to do with it because it is so frizzy? Trust me, you are not the only one. What if I told you that the stylists in our salon in Charleston, SC could make all of that frizziness smooth right on out. By coming into our hair salon and receiving one of our keratin treatments you could experience the smooth hair you’ve always wanted for weeks, possibly even months.

Keratin treatments are the process in which your hair is essentially being given the proper nutrients to strengthen and recondition the hair. Keratin is a major protein and component in hair and skin. When a person’s hair lacks keratin, the hair becomes brittle and frizzy. During your treatment, the hair stylist at Charleston hair and makeup will enrich your hair with this lacking protein. After the treatment, your hair will not only be healthier by strengthening it, but it will become more smooth and shiny. Women who deal with this issue know how frustrating it can be to have hair that will just not cooperate with what they want it to do. The solution is right in front of you!

A keratin treatment can give women the hair they have always wanted without the frustrating frizz. The best part about these treatments is that they are not just a one-day thing. A keratin treatment from our hair salon will give you shiny and smooth hair for weeks/months. During the treatment, the keratin is sealed into your hair so that is begins to work its magic within the hair fibers. This way the proteins can begin to work with the already existing damaged hair and start repairing them.

Now if you are a woman with already straight hair, you may be wondering if a keratin treatment can do anything for you. The answer is yes! By receiving a keratin treatment on hair that is already straight, you could be cutting down the time you have to take a blow dryer to it when you get ready. The proteins being added to your hair at our salon in Charleston, SC can enhance the speed in which water is absorbed and dried, greatly reducing your time getting ready. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love to spend less time having to blow dry their hair.

Keratin is essential to the foundation of a healthy head of hair and when you lack it, it can become the most frustrating things in the world for any woman. By allowing our stylists to enrich your hair with a keratin treatment, you are giving your hair the necessary nutrients it needs to strengthen and be the way you want it to. Don’t keep wasting money on a cabinet full of anti-frizz products when all you need to do is add a little protein into It, and it will be brand new!