Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup Tips for Any Bride!

Your style is as unique as you are, and Charleston hair and makeup salons know that. And why should it be any different on your wedding day? What works for one bride may not work for another. However, one characteristic all brides have in common is they want to look and feel their prettiest on their wedding day. Whether you’re going for a laidback look or a sophisticated style for your wedding, make sure you follow these tips.

Go to a professional hair and makeup salon

You might think you are saving a lot of money to have your cousin do your hair and makeup for your big day, but this is probably not the best idea. First, you run the risk of not wanting to hurt feelings of family and friends, so you might end up with something you don’t like.

Second, this is a day it is worth pampering yourself and visiting a professional hair salon in Charleston. Chances are it’s not as hard to fit in your schedule as you imagine, and you will be happier (in the long run) letting friends and family attend and enjoy your wedding and leave your hair and makeup to a pro.

Consider your comfort

Whether you are a bohemian or formal bride, you will want to feel comfortable throughout the day. If you do not usually wear bright red lipstick and will constantly be worried about it smearing, you might want to go a shade lighter, so you can pay attention to your guests and not be concerned about your lip color.

If you do not like the way your hair feels up, have your stylist Gibson Hair and Makeup show you other options. Trust that hair and makeup can feel comfortable or uncomfortable just like your dress, and it should be taken into consideration.

Be honest with your stylist

Make sure you let your stylist know if you like your wedding hair and makeup or if you want something different. Stylists do not get their feelings hurt if you don’t like the first few ideas or want to schedule a second trial run to test a different look. They want you to be happy and confident! Definitely be open to ideas and think about their suggestions but don’t be afraid to speak up if you are not sure or unhappy.

Bring pictures to your stylist

The best way to convey to your goals for the wedding look to the stylist at Gibson Hair and Makeup is to bring several pictures of what you envision. It’s challenging to explain a specific color, shade, or look, and an image demonstrates exactly what you are going for.

Consider different brands

Let your stylist introduce you to some new products. If you are trying to achieve a certain look, most likely a wedding stylist at a hair salon is going to use a variety of brands to get you there. Because they are pros, they know the strengths of the best cosmetic brands and how to use them together. Don’t get caught up in only using what you know or one brand. There is a whole world of beautiful products out there for your big day!