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Great Wedding Hairstyles & Tips

Everyone wants the perfect hair on their wedding day, and with the hair trends varying with each passing season, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right style. However, there is no rule that says you cannot have classic hairstyles or the trendy ones of yesteryear if that works for you. The idea is to know about hairstyles and to choose the one that suits your hair texture and your facial shape. Even if you were just attending an event, you will still want to look glamorous and the hairstyle will also have to match your dress and makeup. It is also equally important to have the right Hair Salon if you want the perfect hairstyle.

Wedding Hair for the Event of a Lifetime

One of the most thought about events is your wedding and you would have spent years just dreaming of that perfect hairstyle. Before taking the plunge and going in for a daring hairstyle, visit hair salon first to see whether they know what they are talking about. Don’t just go to a random new place to get your wedding hair done as the stylist must get to know your hair first, not to mention, your likes and dislikes and also must be familiar with all the trends that come and go. That said, it is important to to choose wedding and bridal hair experts!

Wedding Hair, Bridal Hair, Bride in Hair Salon, Charleston Bridal hair, charleston wedding hair, Charleston, events hair, Hair salonTimeless twists – You will want to look classy, chic and trendy but still want a timeless look so that your wedding photo will look good even after ten years. So we suggest that you go in for the classic plaits, which can be done in a variety of ways and still manage to give you an ethereal look. Try the ‘Heidi’ kind of look with a braid going all the way round your head which can certainly turn you into a diva.
Simple chignons – Chignons or buns never go out of style and you can really get creative with them. You can go in for a high bun or a low loose one which can be made to match any dress. To enhance the wedding hair look, you can glam it up with various accessories like glittering pins and clips. You can also add a small veil to upgrade a loose chignon look and to make it look bridal.
Ornaments – when it comes to bridal hair, ornaments are a great way of enhancing any kind of hairstyle. You can go in for ornamental clips, pearl pins and even decorative hair bands to add that extra wow factor. For that matter, tiaras still look good on a bride and you can choose anything from a simple one to an elaborate one.
Naturally beautiful – if you have super short hair and cannot do any kind of hairstyle, try considering smoothing it straight down the back with a little tuck behind the ears for a feminine look. For those who have long hair, a few bouncy curls and flowers will make you look like a princess.
Unexpected ponytail – You can even turn a simple ponytail into a glamorous hairdo by giving it a voluminous spray to give it a carelessly attractive look. Add a golden band onto the ponytail and you are ready to walk down the aisle.
Preparing for the big day

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Looking beautiful on your wedding is a must … and it can take a lot of work. So, regular visits to your favorite hair salon in the months leading up to the big event can really make things easier to gain that dramatic and yet, subtle look that you are aiming for.

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