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Wedding Hair

Top 3 2018 Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding trends are always changing and along with that comes hair trends. There is even an enormous difference between seasonal hair trends for weddings. For clients at our hair salon in Charleston, SC it can get extremely hot during the summertime and want to keep their hair off their neck. We see many of our clients come into our hair and makeup salon wanting these same hairstyles for their perfect day. Having a style in mind before you go to your hair stylist can alleviate the stress of getting done up for your special day.

  1. Textured Low Updos

We see this style come into our hair salon all the time! The textured low up-do offers women a simple hairstyle that doesn’t take away from their stunning dress and makeup, but it also offers up an elegant element to match with the occasion. The braids are intricate but do not have an over done feel to them. The braids are looser thus giving the style a classy flow. This style allows for different types of hair accessories to add a little dazzle to the ceremony. The one thing to keep in mind with this style is that it does have intricate braids, therefore not every hairstylist can make it look special.

  1. The Relaxed Bun

Imagine walking down the aisle in the same hairstyle that you wear when relaxing on the couch. Sounds amazing to us! But on a real note, the relaxed bun is a great summertime hairstyle that is perfect for any wedding you plan on having during the hot months. This style is for the super simplistic bride that doesn’t need anything overdone. Done at our hair salon, the relaxed bun isn’t just what you put up on a lazy day, but it looks professional and classic.


  1. The Half Up-do

The Half Updo is something straight out of Greek culture with a modern twist on it. This style is completely different from the other two styles on our list, but it is one that can make any bride look like a goddess walking down the aisle. The lower half of this style allows for your hair to flow in the wind, while the upper half is intricately braided. The half updo offers the best of both worlds when it comes to wedding hairstyles.


Every bride has a different personality and style which comes out on their wedding day. The hair, makeup, dress, and accessories all give insight into who the woman is when she walks down the aisle. At our hair and makeup salon, we work hard to make our client’s personality sparkle through the style they choose to wear on their special day. We are here to provide our clients with the look they choose, while also giving them our expertise to make them look unforgettable.