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The Top Misconceptions About Makeup Artists

Every bride wants to stop their guests in their tracks when they walk down the aisle on their wedding day. Brides have an idea of what they want when they are getting ready to have their makeup and hair done for the special day, but they do not necessarily know how to achieve that look. This is when they look to the makeup artists and hair stylists that specialize in giving them that desired look. You can trust that your makeup artists will be able to achieve that look you want with their knowledge and expertise, but this trust will come with some assumptions that may not be accurate. So before you walk into the makeup salon, we want to make sure you are aware of these common misconceptions.

Makeup Artists are Not Mind Readers

To-be brides have thought and envisioned the way they will want to look when walking down the aisle for their special day. Many of our bridal clients that come to see us at Charleston hair and makeup will come in knowing exactly what they want, and it is our professional’s job to give them that look. However, makeup artists are not mind readers. When completing the makeover, artists are attempting to perfect that look that will highlight all of the bride’s features, but it may not be exactly what the bride wants. This is where the client must speak up so that the artist can adjust and fix whatever is not quite right. A good tool to have when you arrive at the makeup salon pictures for references. This gives the artist something to go off of when transforming your look. 

Artists Won’t Mind Using Your Makeup

Often times, brides will have preferred shades or products that they will want the artists to use when getting their bridal makeup done. When an artist is asked to use the client’s products, the overall may potentially suffer. A makeup artist is just like any other artist, and they will have a specific set of tools that they will want to use during a session. Professional will have certain brushes and products stocked in their kit to suit the look they are attempting to achieve for a client. 

A Simple Look is Less Work

This misconception is probably the one we see most often at Charleston hair and makeup when clients come into the studio. When a bride wants a simple look done for their wedding day to appear that they don’t have a ton of makeup on, they think it will be a short session to achieve this look. On the contrary, a simple look can end up taking longer. Just because you aren’t asking for contour and smoky eyes doesn’t mean your session will be shorter. Your artist will want to give you that simple look, but the steps involved to achieve that are just as many as the extravagant full face.