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The Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Have you ever gone into your local hair salon with a picture of a celebrity and got their exact hairstyle only to leave the salon wondering why it looked so much better on them than you? We have all been there when experimenting with new styles, and the fact of the matter is that not all hairstyles match every face shape. Our face shape plays a large role in what hairstyles look good on us and which ones we should stay away from getting. At Charleston hair and makeup, we have taken the time to come up with a few different styles that look best on different face shapes. We also want to add that these are just recommendations we have observed over the years in our profession. If you have a hairstyle that you are dying to try out, go for it girl! It is your hair and your body, do with it what you please!

Oval Shape Faces

A face is considered oval when the length is longer than the width and the jawline is narrower than the hairline. The main goal when choosing a hairstyle for this face shape is to avoid elongating the face. Shoulder-length cuts with simple layers really accent this shape well or if you go long, try a simple part. It can make all the difference in the world. A high fashion slicked back look also is a great look for anyone with this face shape. 

Heart-Shaped Faces

Just like if you were to draw out a heart outline, a heart-shaped face is wider at the hairline and temples. It tapers down the cheeks and becomes narrow at the chin. We see women go down two different routes when they come into Charleston hair and makeup when they have this shape, they either accentuate their tapered face shape or balance it out when it narrows. Shoulder length trends are a great way to add volume around the bottom of your face and create the illusion of a wider jawline. 

Round Faces

A round face shape is characterized by no prominent angles or corners and is the same in width and length. The best way to elongate your face and give it more of that oval shape is to always leave a piece of untucked hair left to one side. This will trick the eye into thinking that your face is shorter in width and give it the appearance of being narrower. Short hair is a common choice for people with round faces. When it is parted and styled correctly, it is especially flattering. 

Next time you go into your favorite hair salon consider trying out one of these mentioned styles for your face shape and see how you like it. If you are unsure what you want when it comes time for your next cut, ask your stylist what she/he thinks. They will be happy to give you a recommendation.