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Skip the Box Dye, Go to a Professional

You hear it all the time about how getting your hair professionally colored is way too expensive and that it is so much cheaper to just dye it at home. Our professionals at the hair salon know that this can lead down a dark path. Boxed hair dye is never what it seems, and we want to shed some light as to why choosing the professional route is the right decision.

The Shade is Never as Advertised

One major flaw with boxed hair dye is that it never comes out the color that is displayed on the box. You look at the box in the grocery store and see models with the exact color you are trying to achieve accompanied with a flawless texture, so you take it home and are expecting that same look but that never ends up being the case. After you dye your hair at home more often than not, it comes out either too light, darker than you expected or an entirely different color. By choosing a professional, for example, a stylist at our salon in Charleston SC, they are trained in helping you achieve the desired look you want.

Damage Control

Many times, we have clients at our hair salon come into either color correct their hair after they have tried dying it themselves at home or damaged their actual hair. When someone comes into a salon looking for a color correction because their hair color came out completely different then they wanted, they are looking at first getting a color removal procedure before being able to color it again. This draws out the process, puts more chemicals in your hair, and ends up costing you even more money. By choosing a professional, you can avoid all of this hassle and achieve the desired color you want the first time. By taking the box dye route, you may end up having to see a professional anyways.

After reading this you may think to yourself that still going the DIY route is the better option. If that is the case, the professionals at our salon in Charleston SC want to offer one major piece of advice before you go through this process and that is to use a semi-permanent dye. This way even if it does not come out the way you were hoping for, it will eventually fade out of your hair. Make sure to follow the directions that are listed on the packaging and condition thoroughly afterward to ensure that moisture is kept in your hair. If you leave in the color for too long or do not take care of your hair after first dying it, it can become extremely dry and brittle and nobody wants that. Changing your hair color can be a lot of fun, and it can totally change your look but if you are going to take that step, make sure you do it right.