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wedding hairstyles for short hair

Rock Your Locks: The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Is your wedding day on the horizon? Of course, brides with long hair have all sorts of options for styling those locks on the big day.

But what about wedding hairstyles for short hair?

Don’t worry. There are more than a few options if you’re sporting a shorter cut. Here are 7 to consider:

1. Vintage Bob

This style is especially impactful for those with curly hair. Wrapping curls in alternate directions delivers a cute style that looks straight out of the 1920s.

And there’s just something super feminine about a vintage cut too. Add a vintage hairpiece or a pin to complete the look.

2. Brushed Back Bun

Not every woman is looking for a show-stopping wedding.

For simplicity, you can’t beat the brushed back bun. All it requires is a little teasing of the roots and brushing the hair straight back.

From there, loosely gather sections, curl each one down around your finger, and then pin them in place.

3. Braided Style

Think your short hair can’t be braided? Think again.

A braided style can give flat and fine hair the illusion of length. The intricacies of braiding add volume and depth. And with the assistance of pins and some industrial-strength hairspray, you’ll be good to go for the whole night.

4. Braided Bows

If the simple braided style isn’t enough, then kick it up a few notches by having bows braided into your hair.

This style looks like a braid but is really a fancy weave with bows and messy loops. And it’s one of the most popular short hairstyles on the wedding circuit today.

All you need to do is make a ponytail loop and pull on both ends before the final pull through. Then wrap a thin piece of hair around the center to cover the elastic and secure with a hairpin.

Or, even easier, have a hairstylist hook you up!

5. Formal Fauxhawk

If you have more hair on the top than on the sides, you can still achieve a formal style.

In fact, you don’t even have to worry about the shaved sides. Just work with the longer hair on top. Give it some curl, and then add an embellished hair clip to the side to give it some sassy style.

6. Curly Updo

Brides-to-be with shorter haircuts may feel that they don’t the option of an updo.

Skilled hairstylists prove this isn’t the case. The curly updo is a perfect example. It’s just a simple sweep up of gently curled hair that is held in place with hairpins.

Adorn it with some of the flowers you’ve chosen for your wedding to tie things together.

7. Go Natural

If you already have an attractive short haircut, it might be time to just let your hair be as it is.

Women with straight hair can ask their stylists for the most minimal methods for wearing their hair naturally.

And women with naturally curly hair will have even more options. Rather than pulling and straightening, ask your stylist for the best products and methods to style your curly locks.

Then show off the natural you.

Embrace Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

The above is just a shortlist for wedding hairstyles for short hair. There are so many more!

If you’re in the Charleston area, contact us today to get the best short hair cut for your wedding.