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Radiant Bride Must-Have: 4 Reasons You Should Go for Airbrush Makeup

Deciding between traditional and airbrush makeup can be a challenge. It’s your big day, you want your makeup (and everything else) to be perfect.

Keep reading to learn more about why you might want to consider airbrush over traditional makeup.  

1. Airbrush Makeup Lasts All Day

Most airbrush makeup is silicone based. This means more water resistant and will last longer than traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup is able to last during all that kissing, hugging, sweat and tears that is bound to happen on your big day. 

Airbrush makeup is not only long-lasting, but it’s also incredibly lightweight and perfect for all temperatures. This is ideal if you have a summer wedding, or if your wedding day falls on a humid or even rainy day. Even though this makeup will last for a while, you still need to support it with a good setting powder like traditional makeup 

2. Get A Flawless Finish

When your make-up is applied by airbrush, it goes on evenly which results in a perfectly smooth finish which is incredibly photogenic. And if there’s one thing you want your makeup to look on your big day, is good in all of those countless pictures you and your loved ones will be taking. 

Airbrush makeup works the best on hydrated and moisturized skin. If this is your skin type, then don’t hesitate, it’s worth getting your make-up airbrushed. 

On the other hand, if your skin is on the drier side, you might want to stick to traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup can look flakey on dry skin. This is because, since the makeup is waterproof, it’s consistency isn’t as creamy or buildable as a liquid foundation or concealer. 

When airbrush makeup is properly applied o the right skin type, you can easily get a stunning, glowing flawless look that would not be possible with traditional makeup. 

3. A Little Goes A Long Way 

When you’re wearing a lot of makeup, you feel it and it can be incredibly uncomfortable. With airbrush make-up, you don’t need a lot of the product for good coverage. With spray technique application process, a little bit of makeup really goes a long way. 

Airbrush makeup can be applied in a fine layer that dries very quickly so you can add more layers for coverage is desired. 

4. It Lets Your Skin Breath 

The actual make-up of airbrush makeup comes in a fine mist spray which evens out your skin’s imperfections flawlessly, while still letting your skin to breath, which is key. 

The final look of airbrush makeup is a finished, polished, yet incredibly natural look. This is because there are sponges or brushes used in the application process, so your final look is silky smooth.

The only downside is that airbrush makeup might not give you as much coverage as traditional makeup, but a skilled airbrush makeup artist can properly layer your look for more coverage. 

Try Airbrush Makeup For Your Wedding 

Now that you know how great airbrush makeup is, try it for your big day! For more hair and makeup tips, contact us today!