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Let’s Talk About Baby Bangs in 2019

Who is ready for a new year? All of our professionals at Charleston hair and makeup are ready for new trends, new looks, and are ready to see the next best thing in the beauty world. Before we look forward to what 2019 will bring us, we want to dial-in on a trend that started towards the end of 2018 and shows no sign of slowing down this year: baby bangs. Now, you may be wondering exactly what baby bangs are and don’t worry, our hair salon professionals are here to give you the definition you need to better understand exactly what this look is. 

Baby bangs are short, blunt bangs that saw a tremendous explosion during the latter part of 2018 with a continued upward trend into the new year. All the professionals in the hair salon ha e been keeping an eye on the different ways that people are wearing them and want to share some of the different styles with you in case you are considering trying them out for the new year!

The Blunt and Bold

One of the first times we saw this look last year was worn by Emma Roberts at the Critics’ Choice Awards. This look sports the super short bangs evenly cut and straight across making it the focal point of the hairstyle. This look is super blunt and would be sure to turn some heads. Let’s just say if you choose to go this route, you have to own it. 

The Choppy Fringe

This look takes a different approach than what Emma Roberts went. The choppy fringe look provides the style with a more delicate look and added dimension with some of the pieces being left slightly longer than the rest. Choosing this style adds you with a bit of versatility on how you want to wear them. 

Baby Bangs and an Updo

The other popular way you will see these micro bangs being rocked in the new year is paired with an updo. Whether the choppy look suits you or if you choose to go with the soft and feathery approach, pairing your baby bangs with an updo is surely a hairstyle we can’t wait to see more of here at Charleston hair and makeup. This style will be sure to open up your facial features while still making a statement above the eyebrows. 

As we said, we know that 2019 is going to provide us with some great new trends but before we can get to that, we have to focus on the trend that started before the new year and will make an even bigger statement this year. Whether you like it or not, baby bangs are here to kick off the 2019 looks.