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Hair and Makup Tips

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How to Take Care of Your New Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the best ways to achieve longer hair quickly. Some have trouble growing their hair, others might not have the patience to wait until their hair grows long. No matter what your reason is for getting hair extensions, you’re sure to love them!

When you have a reputable hair salon put the extensions in for you, no one will even be able to tell it’s not your real hair. This does, however, rely on the type of care you provide to your extensions. Even the best hair extensions require expert hair care to continue providing you with length and beauty.

Need some refreshers on how to care for your extensions?

In the guide below there are several tips to keep in mind. Continue reading to find out more.

Use Recommended Shampoo and Conditioner

After having your extensions put in, did your salon’s stylist recommend a certain brand or type of shampoo and conditioner? If your stylist did, then you should remember to use what was recommended. There are several types of hair extensions and each type will require a specific type of care to ensure the bonds stay intact.

The ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner you use will have an impact on not only your extensions but your natural hair as well.

Dry Your Extensions Before Bed

Your hair is most fragile when wet. You don’t want to go to bed with wet extensions. Sleeping with wet extensions can cause them to fall out, tangle, or even become matted.

Instead, try washing your hair in the mornings to ensure it’ll be dry before bed. Otherwise, you’ll need to gently dry your hair using a microfiber towel and a warm or cool setting on your blowdryer.

Use a Gentle Brush

When you brush your extensions, you want to remain as gentle as possible. If you fail to brush your hair with care, then you can begin to see your extensions falling out. Find a comb or a brush with soft bristles.

Then, remember to brush your hair starting at the ends and slowly working your way up to the scalp.

Keep Bonds Separated

The bonds on your extensions can become tangled at times. To prevent this from happening, spend a few minutes each day separating the bonds and removing any tangles. You don’t need a special tool to do this.

You only need your fingers and a few minutes. If you remember to do this each day, the process will become simpler. You should also consider scheduling conditioning treatments on a regular basis to help keep your extensions healthy.

Your Hair Extensions Are Counting on You

Once you have your hair extensions in, you’ll feel like a brand new person. You can be whoever you want to be with your new hair! The next step is to simply care for them using the tips listed above.

Know that you’re educated on how to care for extensions, are you ready to schedule your appointment?

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