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How to Pull off a Pixie Cut

With summer about to be in full swing, you may feel the weight and heat of your hair and wish that you could pull off a pixie cut. The thought of being able to throw some product in quickly and run out the door at a moments notice sounds heavenly, and the no-fuss washing and drying will save you oodles of time in the morning. The good news is you can pull this look off when you involve a hair salon in Charleston, SC. Here are a few ways to get the look you want from a pixie cut as you think about whether it is the right style for you this summer.

Make an appointment with the hair salon to speak with a stylist

Even if you have decided you are going to get a pixie cut, you don’t want to make an appointment at the hair salon in Charleston for the actual cut until you speak with them first. There is a lot to consider with shorter locks and you want to be sure you are factoring everything in. Find as many pictures of the look that you are going for and bring them with you to the appointment. The stylist will be straightforward about how the pixie cut will look on you, and can give you alternatives if your selection of styles aren’t going to work with your hair type.

Face shape will matter when it comes to volume

When it comes to short hairstyles, your face shape will play a significant role on how well it will look on you. Round faces will need more volume on top while long faces will look better with a softer style. If you aren’t sure what face shape you have, you can ask a stylist at the Charleston hair salon. If you find that your face shape doesn’t really work with the pixie cut, then consider other short styles that will work better for you. This way, you can start with shorter hair and work your way to the pixie style if you decide you want to cut even more off down the road.

Consider your reasons for wanting a pixie cut

It’s no surprise that many of us are attached to our hair, and it can be difficult to see it go, so before you toss all of your long lock products, make sure your reasons make sense. Some women will decide to go for short locks because of an emotional experience in their life from a break up to losing a dream job. If this is why, then schedule a consultation at the Charleston hair salon before you go all in and take a moment to think about whether this is what you really want because short hair because it will be a commitment. You don’t want to get a haircut driven solely by emotion and then regret it a few days later.