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Perfect Bangs

How to Get Bangs You Will Love!

Most women have gone through the struggle – to add bangs or to grow them out. Since elementary school, girls have an on again off again love affair with bangs. You cut them and then grown them out again and then cut them – it’s a never ending cycle. If you are back on the bang wagon here are a few tips to get those front locks that look great.

Simulate the look using your natural hair (or use a wig)

It sounds silly, but the best way to test out a new hairstyle is to try it on. Find a wig similar to your hair with bangs and give it a go. You can also pin up parts of your hair to simulate what your hair would look like with bangs. If you have trouble envisioning your new style, visit a hair salon in Charleston and an expert will help you see what you would look like with bangs.

Learn your face shape

It’s true that not every face shape looks right with bangs, but it could be that you just haven’t found the right bang style. Your face shape has so much to do with how hair compliments your look. Learn what face shape you are to find the perfect style (with or without bangs). A hair and makeup salon can help you learn what face shape you are and what bang style would suit you best.

Find out the different bang options

Speaking of styles of bangs, you should know there are many to choose from, so don’t limit yourself to just envisioning the ordinary straight across cut from the fourth grade. There are wispy styles that work for certain hair types. Some people look good with very short bangs for a more modern cut, while others find more beauty success with longer bangs that swoop to the side. Bangs are a fun way to have an entirely different style without having to lose a lot of length, and they change things up without too much risk. Visit a hair and makeup salon to see pictures of all of the different styles with bangs that would work with your hairs fullness and texture.

Don’t cut them yourself!

This should go without saying, but it’s very difficult to cut bangs yourself and have them turn out the way you envision them. It is best to visit a makeup and hair salon and have an expert help you choose a style that will compliment you and your lifestyle, as well as perform the actual cut. It’s much better to make an appointment to cut your bangs than to make an appointment to fix the bangs that you tried to cut yourself.

Try out new styles

If you are getting bangs, why not try out a new style too? A short bob with bangs always looks put together and modern. Long layers look great with casual longer bangs. Let someone at your hair and makeup salon help you decide what kind of style would look ideal for you and try out the bangs look today.