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Perfect Hair Color

How to Choose the Best Hair Color for You

Whether you want to change things up or are looking for a more permanent solution to your hair,

every woman thinks about their hair color. It comes when the season changes, life changes, or age inspires you to reinvent yourself. There are so many variations and choices out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and completely confused on what you should choose. To help, here are a few tips to find your perfect shade and how a Charleston hair salon can help.

Know your goals

When selecting the right color for you, one of the very first steps is to know your goals. There are a lot of

directions that you can go in. For instance, you can go lighter or darker than your natural hair color. You can enhance your current color to make it more vibrant. Adding highlights is a great way to increase the depth of your look. Of course, some people that visit the Charleston hair salon want to cover a few

shimmers of gray hair or to touch up the current color. And some want a complete new look! Decide what you would like to try before jumping into the world of color.

Look for Inspiration

There are so many places to look for hair color examples. Everything from people watching, your favorite show on tv, to your social media feed can be great ways to see different types of hair colors. Pay attention to skin tone, hair texture and length, and try to imagine your hair in a similar tone. When you are actively looking for real life styles and colors, it’s easy to find several ideas to consider.

Keep Upkeep in Mind

While it might be fun to go blonde for a while, make sure you talk to your stylist about what kind of

upkeep your new color will entail. Some colors will blend beautifully with your natural color and will be much easier to keep up. Some will require more trips to the Charleston salon. As long as you take into consideration your lifestyle and habits, you should be able to choose a color that will fit in seamlessly

with your daily life.

Ask for Opinions

While you don’t have to listen to all advice, it’s nice to ask a particularly stylish friend what their

opinion is. They might suggest something you had not thought of. Plus, they have the added bonus of knowing your personality, so the suggestion might be even better. Ask a few people and think about what everyone says, but definitely make the decision yourself.

Trust your Stylist

Obviously, your stylist at the Charleston hair salon is going to be the most knowledgeable on the subject

matter. If this is a stylist you already have a relationship with, they are going to know what you usually like and the risks you have taken in the past. However, even if this is a new stylist, tell them what your end goal is and listen to their suggestions. A good stylist will be able to explain why a

certain hair color will be the best one for you.