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Beauty tips

girl getting highlight placed on her

Highlighting For That Perfect Glow

In our blog post last week, we covered how to contour for your specific face shape. This was for everyone who has had trouble trying to figure out just how to get that contour right. Another area that goes hand-in-hand with contouring is highlighting. Highlighting is just like picking out an outfit for the night, you have decided what kind of look you want to go for. Our makeup salon professionals want all of our clients and readers to get the best out of their highlighting, so they want to give you a few tips for any look you may be going for your next night out. 

The Dewy Finish

So, you want to show off a healthy and clear skin complexion for the night. This look will give your face that shine you want without it being overbearing. To achieve this dewy look, all you have to do is mix a tiny drop of illuminator in with your moisturizer. If you are looking to just give the dewy look to a specific area like your cheekbones, try using your favorite highlighting product on your fingers and just apply where you want your face to highlight. 

A Matte Highlight

At Charleston hair and makeup, the matte highlight finish is one of our favorite looks. This look takes away all the shimmer and shine but it will still pop out all the features you want to stand out. The best way to achieve this finish is to try highlighting with concealer. You can either use a contour palette or the matte concealer but just make sure that it is a few shades lighter than your skin color. Our makeup salon professionals recommend applying with a sponge to the high points of your face. Pair this with a solid contour and you will have all the light brought right to the center of your face. 

Shimmery Glow

You may have completed your entire makeup routine for the day, you look in the mirror and decide that you want a shimmery glow on top. Well, Charleston hair and makeup professionals know just you can get this coveted glow every time. All you have to do, once you have finished your full face, is to dust a powder or cream-to-powder product. Add this product right along your cheekbones and under your brows, for the best-looking shimmer,` you will ever have on your face. 

The Full Face of Glam

And for our final look, the face of shiny, shimmery glam. This look will give you all the glow everywhere on your face. Simply, use a beauty sponge or highlighting brush wet with setting spray and you should then use a cream-to-powder highlight. This will give you a truly pigmented glow for your entire face. Start on the sides of your face with your upper cheekbones and work your way inwards. If at any point you make your skin too lit, just add some foundation over to darken it up.