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Makeup on dry skin

Help Your Skin Survive the Brutality of Winter

Well, it looks like we have already hit that time of year again. The fall was short lived, and the coldness of winter is rapidly approaching. The winter weather can be brutal on the body, especially the skin. During the coldness and windy weather of winter, our skin tends to dry out leaving much of our surface skin dead. Good thing we have some professionals at our makeup salon who are always on the lookout to keep that skin glowing even when the weather wants to take that away.

Switch Your Exfoliator

The wind of the winter tends to destroy our healthy skin cells and creates a hefty amount of rawness that is just uncomfortable. Most people’s first thought to help this is to exfoliate the dead skin away with abrasive scrubs. This actually does the opposite of helping your skin. Instead, it will tear and break the delicate tissue creating an even more problematic situation. Our professionals recommend a gel-based peel to remove any of the dead skin buildups.

Oatmeal Baths and Humidifiers

Now, these next remedies are not something we can personally provide our clients at Charleston hair and makeup, but oatmeal baths and a humidifier in your home are two great ways to fight off the dry, red skin during the wintertime. Oatmeal isn’t just a healthy breakfast option, it also can provide great health benefits to your skin. Oats contain healthy fats that are great for moisturizing and lubricating your dead skin. By placing a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep, it will add moisture back into the air that will help keep that dry winter skin at bay.

Tea Tree and Coconut Oil

These two ingredients are favorites at Charleston hair and makeup. Our professionals through and through recommend these two oils during the winter months for hair treatments. The dryness your skin experiences doesn’t just stop at your face, but it can even create issues for your scalp. To avoid the dry skin flakes or eczema flare-ups, place a drop of tea tree oil in your hair care products to help. Fighting rough split-ends during the cold months? Rub a small amount of coconut oil at the ends to temporarily soften them until it is time to get a trim.

Our hair and makeup salon experience these issues every winter with clients and in-house. Dry skin is just part of the brutal cold months, but there is always a solution to help keep it at bay until the sun breaths warm air back on us. Don’t let the winter months take over your skin and win this year, fight back with our professional tips. If it ever gets too bad, you can always come to see us and let us help get you back to where you want to be.