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Halloween Hair and Makeup

Halloween is almost here … and as your go to hair salon in Charleston, we figured we would poke around for some cool ideas and give you a few Halloween tips for your hair and makeup on this year’s mischievous night!

Easy Hair and Makeup Ideas For Your Halloween Costume

The Foxy Fox

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For a sexy yet simple anthromorphic canine costume, this foxy get-up is fairly easy to do, mostly just doing a base and then some blending and shading. It is accomplished with just a few brushes (large, med small, and a small eye brush) and a simple brown color palette, foundation, a thick, milk colored eye pencil, bronzing powder, liquid eyeliner (black) and a few other items that you will most likely find in your makeup bags.

We loved the idea of this ensemble because it is original and takes advantage of makeup that you might already have ( don’t have to go to the Halloween store and put on greasy, uncomfortable novelty makeup.

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Greek Goddess Updo

Maybe you were planning on doing a costume or couples costumes in the Greek or Roman fashion? If so, this Halloween hair idea is perfect for you. To get that Greek Goddess look, first, you’ll need curly hair. If you have natural locks, then you are set to move forward, if not, head down to your favorite hair salon and get yourself some tight curls.

Now the easy part. grab the hair that encompasses the crown of your head and pull it back into a ponytail, but be sure to leave the curly tendrils around your hairline loose. Now fasten your ponytail with a typical elastic band that is as close of a match to your hair color as possible and twist the tail upwards, using bobby pins to pin it to the back of your head.

Next, lightly pull the front of your hair back towards the twist and also pin that down with bobby pins. If a few wispy tendrils fall out … it will probably help the effect. Now you just need a leafy comb inserted into the updo and you are ready to rule Mt. Olympus!

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The Eye Mouth

This is a REALLY cool Halloween hair and makeup idea. It is super creepy, but not gory. You could just wear a simple robe that matches the color of eyes you choose to create haunting seer look.

What You’ll Need: Creme White Makeup, a 6 palette of water-makeup (use palette based around iris color you want), liquid eyeliner, eye shadow (black, brown, and grey).

First, use your creme white makeup to prime your lips white. then take a fine liquid eyeliner pencil and trace the edges of your lips. Also, draw a light line just a fraction of an inch from your lip line (top and bottom) where the fake eyelashes will go. Next, use your water-makeup and create a circle at the center of your lips. If you are using a blue/green palette to make a blue eye, try using the darker color to create the outer iris ring. and use the black eyeliner pencil or small brush to create the smaller pupil in the even center of the iris and fill it in. Fill the iris with a combination of the colors to get that real multi-hued eye effect and add small fine white and black squiggles to top it off. To finish your Eye Mouth, add some fake eyelashes to your upper lip, and draw a few small lashes under your bottom lip line

Now you are ready to go trip people out with your brand new, speaking 3rd eye!

If you are having trouble with your party event hair and makeup for Halloween stop on by and see one of our great makeup artist or hit us up on our facebook for advice!

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