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Hair Today: 6 of the Best Balayage Looks to Carry You into 2020

Are you ready to finish the year and head into 2020 with a bang? Let your hair give you the style boost to roar into 2020.

Balayage remains a hot hair trend that might be just what your hair needs. Balayage, French for to sweep or to paint, literally means adding color with a sweep. 

Stylists paint on color to create the balayage look which is more natural than highlights or all over color. Check out these best balayage looks to head into 2020 styling.

1. Sun Kissed Caramel Balayage

Want to head into 2020 looking like you have spent hours on the beach and not in your stylist’s chair? Add soft caramel layers for the sun-kissed balayage.

This look is natural looking and dimensional. Your stylist can add small waves of caramel color to more layers for the multi-dimensional look.

2. Faded Pastels in Balayage

Guaranteed to not look like a Disney princess, faded pastel balayage is a sophisticated look that uses a combination of soft pinks and purples. 

This is a look that works on dark hair to platinum blonde. The pinks and purples may start out more vibrant but soften quickly. 

3. Ash Blonde Balayage

The ash blonde look takes the balayage to a whole new modern vibe. The ash blonde balayage is not a warm tone but instead layers on darker tones in a more natural way with cool shades.

Using an ash blonde color, this is a way to give deep layers of color nuance to your hair. 

4. Your Dark Hair With Blonde Balayage

No matter your natural hair color, adding blonde balayage hair color is a modern fun way to enter 2020. Whether you choose a sun-kissed, platinum, honey or strawberry blonde, blonde balayage remains a very hip, modern look. 

Typically done by leaving your roots natural, the blonde balayage is swept over the ends of the hair. This gives the hair a graduated change in color. This look also pairs well with loose curls or an edgy layered cut. 

5. Red Balayage

Always wanted to try out being a redhead but never been brave enough to take the leap. This might be the look for you. 

Colors of red hair have a variety of shades and tones. The same applies to red balayage. From red wine, coppery orange or red streaks, adding red balayage can give your hair a vibrant modern twist. 

6. Rose Gold Balayage

Like in clothing, design, and jewelry, rose gold in balayage is a hot trend. This is another balayage look that has many tones depending on the base color and tones of rose gold used. 

Whether you go for a brighter coppery tone or a softer rosey-gold, this is another hot trend in the balayage look going into 2020.

Best Balayage Look For You

Are you ready to try a balayage look for your hair? Different than just highlights or all over color, balayage gives your hair modern soft waves of color and dimension.  

Try one of these best balayage looks on your hair. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our stylists. They are excited to give your hair a modern balayage hair color.