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Wedding Hair Trials; What You NEED to Know | Hair Salon Tips

Wedding Hair Trials Are Imperative

This is just about always the case. There are really only a few exceptions to the rule, you have a super simple wedding planned, you have a hair salon with a stylist that you have been seeing FOR YEARS and she has done your hair for other big, formal events, or you just don’t mind potentially devastating surprising on the biggest day of the rest of your life.

If none of these things fall under your personal umbrella, a wedding hair trial run is ABSOLUTELY essential. And some brides / Maids of Honor find themselves two or three trial-runs. You may find, especially if you are working with a stylist that has never done event hair for you before, that you are not quite happy with the first product that is produced. And imagine how dismal you’d feel if this were the case with just a short time before you need to be walking down the isle? If you want the best, most perfect wedding hair possible for your big day, this is how you will work the kinks out —pun intended.

wedding hair ideas, bridal hair, Charleston Hair and Makeup, Charleston Hair Salon, wedding hair trial run,

It’s All About The Timing

Further expanding on what we said about working the kinks out, the trial will help you plan and organize the actual wedding day because the amount of time it takes your hair stylist to do your hair during the trial-run, is very parable to how long it will take on your actual wedding day. Sure, now he or she knows what they’re doing with your hair, but the stage is set so she’ll/he’ll be slowing down a little to get everything just right!

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Accessories Not Included

If you are planning on wearing anything in your hair, DEFINITELY do no forget to bring it to the wedding hair styling trial run. This means you can’t put off finding the perfect accessories before the trial so that you can actually test it out. It may turn out that you need something a bit different. If that is the case, it’s better to know NOW (at the time of your trial) than on you wedding day!

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Bridal Hair Trial Runs Aren’t Cheap

Though a stylist or hair salon may give you a discount for booking both the trial and the actual event as well, a trial can be very close to the same cost as the actual wedding-day-affair. Trial-runs are probably harder for a stylist than doing your hair on your wedding day because they are trying to create the perfect hair, then recreate on wedding day, so it is a LOT of work, thus the expense. But let me reiterate something, it is well worth it. Some salons do offer free trial-runs if you book the wedding day, others will offer no-strings-attached runs, but be careful … you want to know EXACTLY what you are going to look like on the big day, and these heavily discounted trials may not include the placing of the veil or other accessories & head-dresses.

Be Prepared!

Preparing for your hair trial is important. Make sure you have the same exact cut that you will have the day of the wedding (though your stylist may have some suggestions on adjustments) and that you wash and blow dry your hair the previous evening without using any treatments or chemicals. Bring small wedding portfolio for your stylist to check out. He or she being able to see your dress, the color themes & floral arrangements that you are planning on using will help them get to know your particular wedding ideas and how to incorporate your personal style into your wedding hairstyle!