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Top 5 Hair Don’ts

Major Hair No-Nos | Gibson Hair Salon

We are creatures of habit. We are also creatures who want instant and long-lasting gratification. When we see the latest trends, we want it now. It is no different when we come across fashion and hairstyles. We think a lot about what we can do to achieve these things, work more hours to have the loose cash for hot new clothes, use the newest up-and-coming miracle products for our hair and makeup, etc., but we never take a moment to think about what NOT to do to achieve great hair and style.

#1 Don’t Get Hairstyles You Can’t Maintain

One thing to consider when you see hairstyles that you fall in love with on your favorite celebrities or models is that they have full-time style teams. There are people on hand to tighten up their hair, makeup and wardrobe every single day if needed. Instead of just making an uneducated executive decision, ask your stylists at your favorite hair salon about the maintenance of a few of the styles that caught your eye and take his or her consultation under heavy advisement before picking your path –we all know that some roads are much harder to travel than others.

#2 Don’t Go To The Cheap Salons

The old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ could have been directly speaking about THIS! Now this is not saying that there is not some great up-and-coming talent hiding at Super Cuts, just waiting for their chance to get into a better hair salon, but you do get what you pay for and if you have never tried out a higher-end hair salon, then you should really give it a test run. Higher-paid professionals in all fields have one thing in common, they make more money than others because they actually know what they are doing! A great stylist can look at your face shape, hair type, and skin tones and know in an instant what will and will not look freakin’ marvelous on you … and you should never settle for less than FREAKIN’ MARVELOUS!

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hair salon, charleston hair and makeup, Charleston Hair Salon, Hair style tools, Hair and makeup tips and tricks, Hair Salopn Advice#3 Ignoring Vitamins

Something that most of us never consider a factor for great looking hair and skin is vitamins. This is a MUST, especially if you don’t have the healthiest eating habits. There are collagen supporting supplements of mixed vitamins that are specifically designed for the health of your hair, skin, and nails. A little extra B12, Niacin, Vitamins C & E, and other vital nutrients will do wonders for you! Also … and maybe even more important is drinking plenty of water and sleeping well.

#4 Not Googling It

So, you are on the right track at this very moment, you are learning. Almost every single one of us has the internet on their phones nowadays so there is no reason why you should be doing some research into hair health and the ins and outs of different hair styles. This way you will understand better what your stylist is explaining to you. Not to mention that once you start educating yourself –if you have gone through a bad run of ratchet hair—you might find out that your current stylist doesn’t have nearly as much experience as you thought.

#5 Using The Wrong Tools For The Job

We touched on this in an earlier article and we will mention it here again because it really is one of the biggest no-nos when it comes to your hair. If you want to have fantastic hair, make sure you are using the right tools … this goes back to #4. A huge percentage of us use the wrong styling equipment for the job at hand and unnecessarily damage our hair when it could be easily avoided. This is another situation where consulting your hair salon is an easy fix or you can always use the Google. The other side to this is to make sure your equipment is clean and in good shape. Busted, dirty brushes can be even worse for your hair than using incorrect tools.

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