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Hair Salon Tips | Clean, Natural Bridal Hair + Makeup


Back in 2015 when we saw the various 2016 bridal shows, there was much to be taken in and much to be considers as far as what is trending in both the regular fashion world and the world of bridal & wedding style.

Fresh and Natural Bridal Hair & Makeup

So, you have the gorgeous dress and the beautiful shoes, you even have veil that is to die for. This makes it tempting to go big on your bridal hair and makeup as well. But what we have seen trending more and more is a fresh clean look, both at weddings and on runways.

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Jenny Packham Spring 2016

Young, Fresh, & Clean

Ask your makeup artist how they can achieve this made-up without makeup look. If the artist and stylist at you favorite hair salon have skill —which we’re sure they do—they can do A LOT while still going light. On the makeup side of things, one way to pull this off is: using tinted moisturizer to keep your skin looking moist and soft. A bit of bronzer or blush to had some depth, then soft pink or nude colors on your lips. Using these types of techniques will help your skin to look young and vibrant on your wedding day.

bridal hair and makeup, hair salon, gibson hair + makeup, charleston hair salon, Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Spring 2016

Shimmering Eyes

Trends start on the runway and something that was seen a lot was the dropping of eye shadow and makeup artists opting in on the use of eye-gloss. I believe this goes back to the more natural looks that have been trending, even though smokey eyes are hot as well. The fresh textured look afforded by properly incorporated eye gloss not only shines on the catwalk, it’s perfect for brides.

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Angel Sanchez Spring 2016

Flowers in your Hair

At the Angel Sanchez 2016 Spring Bridal Show we saw lots of ear-to-ear floral hair pieces. This is a beautiful way to keep your hair simple and in tune with natural makeup. White flowers wrapped in your hair implies young innocence and offers so many ways to get creative with your bridal hair, yet still able to keep it looking fresh and natural.

Hair -salon-Bridal-Spring-2016


White-Out Eyes

White eyeliner and shadow —or lightening— is a refreshing departure from the typical cat eyes and eye shadow that we see on a daily bases. When done correctly, white eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes pop while keeping a very clean look to your bridal makeup. When going white around the eyes, you’ll have to be careful not to washout. So larger, white floral arrangements in your hair might be too much white … washing out the vibrance of your skin tone. A better idea could be smaller white-flowered hair pins so that you’re face isn’t framed in really light tones.

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