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Everything You Should Know About Booking a Virtual Hair Salon Appointment

Can hair salons still cut it these days?

The short answer is yes.

Even with the global pandemic changing how business is done in many instances, hair salons have adapted to continue to provide services to their customers – even when they aren’t in the same room together.

One of the solutions is the creation of a virtual hair salon appointment. But what is it, and how do you book it? Read on for some tips about how to go about getting the style you want.

What is a Virtual Hair Salon Appointment?

When the lockdowns began in March, hair salons were one of the industries that were affected. While some states are reopening services gradually, many people had to deal with untamed hair for at least a couple of months.

Enter the virtual haircut. First introduced in early April, the concept was to pair clients and hairstylists via a screen. Instead of sitting in a stylist’s chair, the clients would communicate with the experts from home (through a video chat platform like Zoom) to perform their own self-cuts, or instruct a friend or family member that is doing the cut for you.

While haircuts are being “delivered” via video link, some salons also found ways to also help clients dye their hair from afar. Using quality photographs of clients to show hair color, salons are mailing out custom dye kits that can be applied at home with the help of some professional instructions.

The Right Tools of The Trade

Doing a proper cut at home also means having some of the same tools used by a professional stylist.

While haircutting/hair coloring stock ran low early in the pandemic as people panic bought supplies, there are many major retailers that now have what’s needed for the home trim guided by a professional.

Some of the items you’ll want in your arsenal are salon-grade scissors, preferably stainless steel to prevent rusting. These types of barber scissors are engineered specifically to cut hair efficiently (don’t use the kitchen scissors.) Depending on the brand, some features comfort grips to reduce fatigue, while some kits come with a comb or other accessories.

You might also want to invest in quality hair clippers, as well as a beard trimmer. A spray bottle to wet hair for easier cutting might also come in handy, as will a blowdryer in some cases. Shampoo and condition your hair before the appointment to ensure it’s not matting together and harder to style.

Book a Hair Salon Appointment

Whether you’re booking a virtual hair salon appointment or you can see a stylist in person, a professional can help you achieve the look you want.

If you choose to go the virtual route, having the right tools in place can help the experience go more smoothly while your lockdown locks are trimmed away.

To find out more and to book an appointment with one of our stylists, contact us today.