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Unbelievable Hair Hacks #1

Let’s face it, hair can be a big-time hassle … but it is our number one accessory. By modifying it just a little bit, we can use it to completely change our look. And I don’t just mean the drastic changes in look, like when we cut it or do statement colors … but just how we decide to style it can reveal quite a bit about how we feel on the inside. So we really should look at our hair as our first and foremost accessory; it is with us at all times, we can’t just store it in a jewelry drawer. Accepting this as fact, we should definitely know a few hair hacks to make managing our best accessory easier. With this in mind, the stylists at our high-end hair salon in Charleston came up with a bunch of life-saving hair hacks so that we could create a series of short articles to make your life easier!

Best Hair Tips from Gibson Hair and Makeup

Important Note: Make sure you visit your favorite hair salon regularly for light trims to keep your hair maintained and free of split ends. This alone will make your life much easier.

Tip #1 – Change Your Conditioning Habits

This may come as a shock to you, but most of us should avoid the roots and scalp (unless you have a super dry scalp) when conditioning. The average person’s scalp tends to produce a healthy amount of natural oils, so it is best to only condition the bottom 2/3-3/4s of your hair. This is because when you condition your hair, you are basically adding extra oils to your head. Keeping it away from your scalp will help to cut down that greasy look that we tend to battle no matter how much we wash and condition … it is the fault of the latter!

hair tips, hair hacks, hairstyle hacks, hair salons, hair salon, charleston hair salon, hair salon in Charleston, Hair and Makeup, Charleston hair and makeup, charleston hair, charleston makeup
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Tip #2 – Use a Bigger Comb

I guess I shouldn’t say bigger in general … but you should really use a wide-tooth comb when trying to detangle wet hair. Most of us make the mistake of going directly to a paddle brush, but the wide-tooth comb is much less damaging and actually removes tangles easier. If you are particularly tangle prone, try leaving a wider-tooth come in the shower, so that you can come through the majority of tangles while you still have in your conditioner.

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Tip#3 – Get a Longer, More Luxurious Ponytail

This tip is really for girls with longer, wavy hair. So if your hair is straight, you’ll want to curl it a bit first. That said, who doesn’t love the look of a really long, full ponytail? Well, you can fake it to create the appearance of a luxuriously long tail. Just pull the hair on the top-rear of your head (normal ponytail area up into a tail, but leave the hair on the back of your head hanging free. To further help hide the second tail, include the hair above your ears. Secure your top hair (and ear hair) with a standard-sized hair band. The hairline on the back of your head should resemble the top half of a hexagon.

Next, using a very small hair band, gather the hair at the back of your head and create a second ponytail closer to the bottom of your head. The super small band will help hold the second tail flatter, further helping with concealment. Now just fluff up the hair of the top ponytail so that it effectively covers the bottom ponytail … and voila! A beautiful, long, thick ponytail!

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Tip #4 – Coat Your Bobby Pins

It’s so annoying … hair falling out of place because of those damned bobby pins slipping! Well, say goodbye that annoyance during the day. Just hit those bobby pins with some hair spray or dry shampoo and let them dry for a couple of minutes before use. This is a savior tip for those of us with thinner hair, as your hairstyle will no longer run amuck on you throughout the day!

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By Justin Hilbert (SubCulture MEDIA)

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