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You Don’t Know Your Hair Damage

There are things we do every day that damage our hair, making it harder to attain the look we want … when we want it. There are some obviously damaging things that most of us are aware of, but there are a few things that most of us probably don’t realize are really wearing our lovely strands down and some easy fixes for common place damage we commit daily.

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Tips on Avoiding Damage | Gibson Hair Salon in Charleston, SC


Damaged ends don’t add to hair length, so if you are waiting too long in between cuts, you are most likely enabling further damage to your hair. Yes, picking at split ends might be a decent way to kill time in your cubical, but your hair is literally telling you that it needs to be cut.

Instead, get down to your favorite hair salon for a 1/2 inch trim at least every two months. If you aren’t trying to grow your hair long, a hair salon visit once a month is optimal for healthy hair.

hair salon, jhair salons, charleston hair salon, hair care tips, Hair damage
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High Heat

We all know -or should- that the hair dryer can cause damage. Blower related hair damage is usually related to high heat. Maybe it is a chilly morning or maybe we are running late and want to speed up our morning process … maybe we have just got accustomed to dialing up the heat. Either way, this is a concern for your hair health. The heat saps your hair of its natural moisture, which leaves your hair brittle and vulnerable to damage.

Towle dry your hair and wait to blow-dry until after your hair is damp, not wet. Different machines may have differences in heat and power, and age (old dryer) may play a factor in how hot it gets, but a general rule is: DO NOT place the dial passed medium. You can check the heat by holding near the back of your arm, if you skin is warm, but comfortable you are on the right track;If your skin is hot, you are damaging your hair, If you must use high heat … be sure to apply heat protectant.

Chemically Insane

We ladies (and some guys) put all sorts of sh*t in our hair. Self-color treatments, bleaches, and relaxers -just to name a few- can be extremely damaging. When you visit your hair salon for a cut or treatment, be sure to let your stylist know about any prior, recent treatments that you have had done that they might not know about so that they can help keep you from over-chemicalizing your hair. Keeping the number of chemical treatments low will help your hair health. There are scalp masks and other protective measures you can take days before an expected chemical treatment, just ask your hairstylist about them.

Rusty Tools

Ok … so maybe not rusty … but you get the emphasis. Using old brushes that the protective tips have worn or broken off of and poorly maintained tools, like brushes clogged with hair can actually be quite damaging to your lustrous locks.

You should clean the excess hair out of your brush after every single styling session and give your combs and brush a couple-minute baking soda bath once a month. Basically, a dirty brush or brushing with old hair in it, is just redepositing oils, previous dirt, and whatever chemicals and products you have been using back into your hair. SO CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES!

Bad Bands

You know those lame middle school photos with the bright pink scrunchies … Well, your hair probably loved you. If you are using coarse (and especially damaged) elastic hair bands, you are probably damaging your hair day in and day out! Spend a few dollars more to get bands that are covered in a bit of fabric, or to just get your hair out of your face, pin it back with some bobby pins. Those dime a dozen elastic hair bands tend to irrate hair and cause damage, especially when wound tight.

By Justin Hilbert – SubCulture MEDIA

Photo Credit: A Girl’s Gotta Spa