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Going Gray Gracefully: 6 Gray Hairstyles That Are Simply Fabulous

Welcome to the dawning of a new age — the silver era.

People often treat graying hair, especially graying hair on women, as something that needs covering up. But, those people couldn’t be more wrong.

Gray hair is a badge of honor, and the sign of a life well lived. And, if you’re lucky enough to gather a few silver strands you should flaunt them for the entire world to see.

Here are seven stunning gray hairstyles to help you take full advantage of your silver locks.

1. Leave a Little Glimmer

While you should never feel like you need to conceal your hard-earned grays, your hair should reflect how you see yourself. And if that means using a little camouflage, then you should feel free to dye your hair.

That said, you may want to consider leaving a small glimmer of your natural silver.

Leaving a touch of gray can give you an added air of sophistication and maturity. On top of that, you can rock a silver streak no matter what hairstyle you prefer.

2. Pile On the Curls

Gray hair is not one flat, dull color. It’s a cacophony of different tones and shades that are only enhanced by the lighter coloring. And, all those blended colors make for a perfect canvas for a little extra texture.

Rocking a curly look, either with your natural curls or with a perm, can enhance the beauty of your natural silver shade.

3. Lots of Layers

Another fantastic way to show off your new highlights and lowlights is by doubling up on your volume by creating a lovely layered look.

Adding a few extra layers to your hair lightens it up, which can help your natural waves and curls shine through and make daily styling a breeze.

4. Reverse Ombre

Why hide your roots when you can let them shine?

If you’re not quite ready to let go of your past color, but still want to enhance your gorgeous gray, then you may want to consider trying a reverse ombre.

A reverse ombre leaves your silver roots intact and adds a little of your forme tone to the tips of your hair creating a striking gradient effect.

5. Let it Grow

The best way to flaunt your stunning silver locks is by growing them out as long as you can.

While some women prefer to cut their hair shorter once their grays come in, there’s no rule saying you can’t embrace your changing hair by keeping it long.

If you don’t want to sit around waiting for your hair to grow, extensions can help give your hair the boost it needs to reach your desired length. And, you can cut, style, color, and wash most modern hair extensions just like natural hair.

6. Chop it Off

While long locks can be lovely, a shorter look is generally easier to manage.

While a classic bob is always a fun and timeless look, you may want to consider going a bit further and trying a pixie cut.

Pixie cuts are much more versatile than they may seem and work well on all hair types and are a fantastic way to create a striking silver look.

Creating Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles

Aging is a part of life and should be an experience we cherish rather than try to avoid. Your gray hair is natural and beautiful, and you should be able to take pride in it.

With these tips and stunning gray hairstyles, you’ll be able to find the best way to show off your silver locks to suit your life and your style.

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