Wedding Jump-Start

Get a Jumpstart on Wedding Hair and Makeup Ideas!

Whether you got engaged over the holidays or you’ve finally set your wedding date, it’s time to get a jump-start on wedding hair and makeup ideas. Because it’s such an essential part of your look and the wedding photos that last a lifetime, you’ll want to make sure you give yourself enough time to find the right style for you. This allows you to test the different wedding styles, and spend time thinking about what you really hope to achieve. To help you begin, here are a few pro tips from a Gibson Hair and makeup in Charleston that will get you moving in the right direction.

Start looking at wedding hair and makeup trends

The first step is to go to the magazine rack and get online and start researching wedding hair and makeup trends. Have a folder to keep track of the looks that call to you, and you can even separate the folder into categories such as lips, eyeshadow, hairstyle, hair accessories, etc. Over time, go through the looks that you’ve put in the folders and decide if you still like them. As other parts of your look fall into place, such as your dress and the venue, you’ll be able to refine the hair and makeup wedding look even more.

Speak with your stylist at a routine hair appointment

The sooner you find a Charleston hair and makeup salon that has experience with weddings, the better. You can make an appointment and go over the wedding styles that you’ve collected to get input. You should also go ahead and start caring for your hair and face in a way that will make it easier to achieve the look you’re going for. Drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat healthy to ensure smooth skin for flawless makeup application. And get regular trims to ensure your hair doesn’t have dead ends that can cause frizzing.

Go ahead and schedule a trial run for wedding hair and makeup

By having the trial run on the calendar, you’ll be more motivated to find the styles that suit you. There are a lot of directions that you can take, and it can be overwhelming, but as the date nears, you’ll find that a few wedding-hair looks start to appeal to you more and more. Make sure you schedule the trial run with enough time to have a second one if needed.

Ask friends and family their opinion on your look

It can feel like your close friends, and family members know you almost better than you know yourself. While you should take all of the suggestions with a grain of salt, you should get opinions about the wedding looks that you hope to go for. You can bring them with you to Gibson Hair and Makeup in Charleston for extra input, or you can snap a picture to show them later. Plus, having friends and family there can help make the event more fun and memorable!