Fall Style

Fun Hair and Makeup Styles For Fall

Fall is a great time to say goodbye to the styles of summer and smoothly transition into the colder weather and holiday season. While it can get busy out there, trust that you’ll find squeezing a little time in for yourself at the Charleston hair and makeup salon will get the most out of your style. After all, there are so many upcoming family gatherings and visits from old friends this time of year, and you’ll want to get that salon look for all of the photos. Here are a few fun hair and makeup trends for the fall that will take you right into the New Year.

Cool short hairstyles

Your hair can get that crisp feeling of fall when you go with a cool short haircut that is a touch above the shoulders and a bit below the earlobe. Schedule an appointment with a stylist at a Charleston hair salon to get this look. You’ll love how easy it is to style whether you have accessories like a scarf or you are hanging out around the house in your favorite sweatshirt. And you can still pull your locks out of your face and pin them back with this length.

Bold eyeshadows

When a chill is in the air, it can be fun to go with bold eyeshadows that make a statement. Gold, blue, gray, purple, bronze, and more daring shades add definition and work with most eye colors. Let a professional makeup artist at a Charleston hair salon know what your goals are and schedule an appointment to have your makeup done for a night out to learn what the best bold shadows are for you.

Rosy cheeks

Rosy cheeks are in, and they have that winter look that so many of us love. You can use soft pinks to achieve this look, but if you aren’t ready to go that cool yet, you can use a subtle bronzer for the colors of fall.

Full lashes

Full lashes are often overlooked in the summer because we’re involved in so many warm weather outdoor activities, and we tend to go lighter on the makeup. However, in the fall, don’t forget to focus on your lashes to make your eyes pop. Make sure you are paying attention to the top and bottom lashes, and if you want to get extensions for a special event, you can reach out to a Charleston hair salon.

Lip gloss glow

This fall is the ideal time to welcome lip gloss into your rotation because it is making a comeback. It adds that touch of shimmer and color to your lips without thinning them out. You can use lip gloss throughout the winter for all of your holiday events.

Sunset hair

Think about the colors of a sunset if you are changing up your hair color this fall because they are warm and in style. At your appointment with the Charleston hair salon color specialist, you can let them know if you want a single color or you prefer highlights to add depth.