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Fashion in Charleston: 5 of Charleston’s Best Fashion Blogs You Need to Be Following

When you’re looking for style inspiration do you scroll through Pinterest hoping to stumble upon OOTD (outfit of the day) ideas?

Or maybe you have your favorite fashion influencers on Instagram? Now some people prefer to watch fashion vloggers, while others get their inspiration from online communities such as Lookbook or Chictopia. 

If you do all these, great. After all, there’s no rule that says you should only get ideas from one source. 

The awesome thing is, you don’t even have to look that far. Here, we’ll talk about 5 of Charleston’s best fashion blogs and what makes them worth following.

1. Gal Meets Glam 

One of the cool things about Julia Engel’s blog is how it’s more than a treasure trove of style ideas. Julia also writes about her travels, beauty advice, home tips, and more. You could say it’s also one of Charleston’s best lifestyle blogs. 

For a quick look at her fashion style, you should check out her Instagram page (@juliahengel). In her bio, she says she’s a “lover of all things feminine.” It’s a fantastic place to get styling tips if dresses are your thing or if you’re looking to wear dresses more often.

2. KC Double Take

Kenzie and Carol Carter are twins who blog about fashion, travel, and their everyday life and interests. 

Style-wise, these famous bloggers are masters when it comes to casual chic. But don’t think they’re all about twinning.

They each have their own take on the latest fashion trends. That’s why it’s double the stylishness.

3. XOXO, I. Joelle

When you browse Ireana Nathan’s blog, you’ll feel inspired in more ways than one. Yes, there’s plenty of #styleinspo. But you’ll also get motivational tips. 

So if you want OOTDs plus messages radiating positivity and joy, then this is the blog for you.

4. Charleston Shop Curator

Andrea Serrano used to be a fashion stylist in New York. Now she’s one of Charleston’s top social media influencers.

On her blog, she regularly features Charleston’s local designers and boutiques. She also writes about her family, home, food, beauty, fitness, and giving back to the community.

5. Sweet Southern Prep

Ashley Brown launched Sweet Southern Prep in 2010. According to her bio, she started blogging to share her love of fashion and family, which is quite evident in her posts. 

She also shares beauty tips and advice including her must-check-out skincare, makeup, and hair care routines. 

Charleston’s Best Fashion Blogs: Which One’s Your Favorite? 

Are you excited to check out the fashion blogs we’ve listed here? Make sure to bookmark them and try to look for more Charleston fashion bloggers to follow. 

With this list plus Pinterest, YouTube, and other sources for fashion inspiration, you’ll never run out of ideas on how to be Charleston chic.

Want More Fashion Advice? 

Now that you know Charleston’s best fashion blogs, don’t forget that your style won’t be complete without the right hair and makeup choices.

We can help you with tons of hair care/makeup tips and advice. Just check out our blog. You can also contact us so we can talk about the right hairstyle and makeup that will match your personal style.