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Perfect Summer Shadow

Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks for Hot Weather

It’s that time of year again! When the warm weather finally makes an appearance, it doesn’t just mean cookouts, pool parties, and vacation time. Summer is also when your makeup basically slides off your face not long after applying it. While these hot months are one of the most fun, laid-back times of the year, you still want to look amazing. Here are a few ways to help your eye shadow look great in the hot and humid weather, and how a Charleston hair and makeup salon can help.

Try Using a Primer

If you are unfamiliar with an eyeshadow primer, this is an excellent time of year to start using one. They basically extend the life of the makeup, usually being your foundation that goes on top of it and then your eyeshadow. This product is especially helpful in humid weather conditions. If you aren’t sure what brand to use, ask your makeup expert at the Charleston hair and makeup salon. They will be able to guide you to the type that will be the best for your makeup preference and skin type.

Use Lighter Colors

If you usually like to wear darker eye shadow colors, the summer months are a great reason to test out some lighter colors. You might find a new favorite. The versatile thing about lighter colors is you can be a little more experimental with certain hues. So, if you’ve always wanted to try something beyond the normal neutrals, now is the time. Lighter colors tend to wear better in the heat and look cooler and airier.

Use Creams or Liquid

Powder eye makeup tends to crease and gather. Creams and liquid eye makeup goes on smoother and tends to do much better in the warmer temperatures. Where powder tends to get streaky, creams will look more natural. If you really love a powder, try pairing it with a cream shadow to mix things up a bit.

Use More than Less

It seems like you would want to do the opposite, but layering your eye makeup is what will help it last. In the warm months of the year, it is best to add more coats of eyeshadow than you would in the cooler less humid months. This goes for your eyeliner as well. You don’t have to make it super thick, but you can use different mediums of eyeshadow and eyeliner to help them last throughout the day.

Use a Salon for Special Occasions

Know when to call in the experts. If you have an important event that you want to look great for and you want to make sure your makeup lasts, get it professionally done at the hair and makeup salon in Charleston. They will use all the right products, so you look your best for the entire event. There are also makeup classes offered at the salon which would be a fun way to learn more about what types of makeup are best for your skin type. It’s always fun to learn how to apply different kinds of eye shadow for different looks throughout the year.