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Summer Hair

Achieve Your Summer Hair Goals with These 5 Tips

When the weather gets warmer, it’s natural to start thinking about changing up hair and makeup at a Charleston hair salon. There is nothing more rejuvenating and refreshing than a new look for a new season. While fall and winter call for rich colors and textures, spring and summer are light and airy. To ensure you reach your summer beauty goals, here are a few tips, so your hair looks its best all season long.

Think About a Lighter Color

Not everyone needs to be a blonde, but lighter colors definitely mean spring and summer have arrived! Whether brightening up your already blonde hair or adding a few highlights, going lighter in the spring and summer just makes sense. Even the darkest of hair color can benefit from some chunky and subtle lighter colors.

Get a New Cut

Go to the Charleston hair salon and get a trim or if you are feeling extra adventurous, get a new look. Ask your stylist for suggestions on what they feel will look best with your texture and color. A new hairstyle can do more than just make you look your best – it can also help with saving time. If you are tired of fighting your hair every day, maybe it’s time to ask your stylist for a new look for the new season.

Protect Your Hair

Summer does a lot of damage to your locks. You might be very dutiful in applying sunscreen to your skin, but your hair needs protection too. Make sure you wear a hat when the sun is especially brutal and that you are rinsing out any chlorine or other pool chemicals out of your hair. Ask your stylists at the Charleston hair salon if you need extra protection if your hair is colored or treated in any other way.

Don’t Fight Your Texture

Fall and winter make it a little easier to straighten curly and wavy hair and fight frizz. During humid summer months, you will make yourself crazy trying to get that sleek look. Give yourself a break and try a beach-y summer look. Ask your stylist for recommended products that will fight frizz but will leave your waves and curls beautiful and textured. There is something about summer that is more casual, and you might find that you really love the volume your waves and curls give your hair. If your hair is stick straight, ask the professionals at the Charleston hair salon for products to pump up the volume.

Learn a Few Ways to Wear Your Hair Up

There is never a better time to learn how to do some of those hairstyles you’ve been pinning. Look through them and pick a couple that will work with your hair length and practice. Some of them are a lot easier than they look. Wearing your hair up will save you time, keep you cool, and look amazing and effortless. Find some cute hair accessories like hair scarves and decorative bobby pins to finish off your new look. You will be ready for any pool party, outdoor wedding, or casual backyard BBQ coming your way.