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8 Top 2019 Hairstyles

Need some hair inspiration?

You don’t need to keep getting the same haircut every time you go to the salon. Instead, switch it up with something fresh.

If you’re not sure what to go for, our list of the best 2019 hairstyles can help you.

Read on to see some of the hottest hair trends right now.

The Most Popular 2019 Hairstyles

Looking to change up your style this year? Choose one of these cuts on your next trip to the salon.

1. A Blunt Bob

The bob was big in 2018, but if you didn’t try it out last year, you still have a chance.

This year, the trend is to give it a blunt cut, hitting at the jawline. This cut is one of the best styles to complement your face shape because of the way it highlights your cheekbones.

2. A Textured Pixie Cut

The standard pixie cut has been given a slight twist for 2019.

These days, women are choosing to wear it a little longer on top, while keeping the back and sides short. This adds texture and gives you more to play with.

3. A Long Bob

If you like the bob style but don’t want to give up too much length, try the long bob, otherwise known as the ‘lob’.

This cut comes down to your collarbone. It’s low-maintenance, requiring only a small amount of product to add some texture.

4. Blunt Bangs

Side-swept bangs are going out of style. Now, women are taking a much more daring approach.

They’re cutting their bangs straight across in blunt lines, creating a bold look. Some are even taking it a step further with baby bangs, which are much shorter. These styles look great paired with long locks or a classy updo.

It’s a risky cut, but it pays off with a show-stopping look.

5. The New Shag

The shag hairstyle was previously left in the ’70s but is now making a comeback. This is partly due to the Russian Doll Netflix series, in which Natasha Lyonne sports this chop in her gorgeous red hair.

This style gives a shabby chic look, which doesn’t require much maintenance. For those with curly hair, it’s ideal.

6. Long Layers

If you want to switch up your hairstyle but don’t want to make a dramatic change, try putting some layers into your long locks.

This style frames the face and adds texture without sacrificing length.

7. Gray Hair

Gray hairstyles have been all the rage for some time, and the trend is showing no signs of stopping.

Now, some women are ditching the dye embracing natural gray hair. Others are dyeing their hair specifically to get the gray look. Either way, it looks great.

8. Pastel Dyes

Gray isn’t the only color that’s in demand this year. Pastel colors like lilac and dusty pink are popular, too.

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