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winter hair care

7 Winter Hair Care Tips You Need to Remember

There’s nothing cute about dry hair. 

Sure, beanies are adorable to wear outside while you’re ice skating, but if you’re using them as a sneaky way to cover-up your dry scalp, you’ll just end up with dandruff in your hot cocoa later on. 

This winter, opt for a deep, nourishing head of hair that you won’t want to hide. 

Skip the stiff and follow these quick winter hair care tips that will leave your friends wondering if you just got back from a tropical getaway. 

1. Invest in a Humidifier

These bad boys add moisture back into the air and can have amazing effects on not only your hair but also your lips and skin. Just plug it in before bed and rest easy!

Check out the New York Times’ best humidifiers of 2020 here. 

2. Get Regular Trims

To avoid breakage, you should retrim your hair about every four to eight weeks. While you’re at the salon, make sure you ask for a blowout! These make styling a breeze later on, reducing your dependence on the harsh heat tools. 

3. Lower Your Shower Temp

You’ll want to heat up with a steamy shower on a cold winter night, but your hair might hate you for it. Hot water tends to cause an increase in dryness and can make your hair more brittle, so turn it down a few notches and turn up the moisture.

4. Winter Hair Care Hack: Dryer Sheets

While this isn’t a permanent fix to pesky flyaways, grabbing an anti-static dryer sheet and gently running it down your hair before leaving the house is a pretty helpful trick to taming those stray ends. 

5. Avoid Heat Styling

Using an excessive amount of heat tools like curling wands or straighteners can fry the moisture out of your hair completely. Instead, add a keratin treatment to your next salon visit to help keep it straight and less frizzy in appearance. 

6. Deep Condition

Using a high-quality leave-in conditioner once a week will boost moisture retention and help to rebuild previously damaged hair. These products can also help protect your hair from the sun and other environmental damages as well, so it’s always best to include this in your year-round hair care routine. 

Check out Cosmopolitan’s 17 Best Leave-In Conditioners here!

7. Go Darker

Winter is full of rich colors, and your hair shouldn’t be left out. Opting for a deeper brunette over a blonde requires less bleaching which can be detrimental when combined with the natural wear and tear of winter. 

When In Doubt, Ask for Help

Sometimes it feels like your hair may be too far gone, but there are teams of top-tier stylists ready and waiting to help you! Learn from some of the highest quality professionals at Charleston Hair and Makeup. 

Get back to looking and feeling your best by booking a winter hair care workshop, or leave them a message and they’ll reply with the answers to your questions.