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Summer Hair

5 Types of Hot Weather Styles for Long Hair

When the weather gets scorching, all long haired gals get an itch to duck into a Charleston hair salon to get a new shorter hairstyle. It seems like the last thing you want to be doing is wrestling a long sweaty mane off your neck and face during the hot summer months. However, with so many great hairstyles, you can still stay cool with long locks. Here are five ways to style your long hair and still have fun in the sun.

#1: All types of Braids

There is something about braids that scream warm weather. Luckily all kinds of braids are very in right now so whether you just want a simple French braid or a more Pinterest worthy hairstyle, it will look fabulous and chic. It will be worth your time to have your stylist at the Charleston hair salon show you how to achieve these styles or to look up some directions and practice a few times. There is no doubt you will be wearing these styles again and again.

#2: A Big Messy Bun

Although the bun seems like an easy way out, a top knot can look good whether you are headed to work or the pool. Ask your stylist for a few tips so that your bun looks intentionally messy and cute and not haphazard and undone. Look for inspiration pictures so you can pinpoint the style you want to learn. Find the right hair ties and bobby pins to help every piece of hair stay where it’s supposed to be.

#3: Beach Waves

If the humidity makes your normally smooth hair crazy, go with it. Instead of fighting your curls and waves, embrace them in the warmer months. Next time you get a cut, ask your stylist at the Charleston hair salon to help you figure out how to make your natural texture work. They should be able to show you products that will help tame your frizz and help your hair look beautiful.

Use pretty bobby pins or headbands to keep hair off your face. If you want to wear your hair down in the summer, this is the only way to go. Try to stay away from flat and curling irons as much as possible. The less heat, the better!

#4: A Casual French Twist

French twists aren’t only for formal affairs. A French twist that is a little deconstructed and messy can work anywhere and look great. Plus, it’s one of the easier hairstyles to master. You will find yourself twisting your hair into this style often. The only rule is not to make it perfect.

#5: A Picture Worthy Ponytail

The ponytail doesn’t get enough credit. Don’t just pull it back and forget about it. Use a piece of your hair to cover the rubber band or use bobby pins to pin up the front first to add some volume. Try a low side ponytail with a cute hair tie. A ponytail doesn’t have to be boring. Look for inspiration and put a couple of ponytail styles in your hot weather arsenal.