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A bride with beautiful hair and make up.

5 Tips to Help You Pick Out the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

A bride with beautiful hair and make up.

There’s a multitude of elements that must work together to create an amazing wedding day (not to mention those pictures that you’ll look at for a lifetime), and your hairstyle is one of those things that deserves the attention of a pro stylist. Charleston hair salons have provided brides with elegant and modern looks that will wow everyone in the room. But before you decide on the perfect wedding hairstyle for you, check out these tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

#1: Start with the dress

Before you talk to a professional stylist, you’ll want to know what your dress is going to look like – after all, all other aspects of your look from makeup to hair will revolve around the dress! Once you know whether you have a simple dress that will compliment an extravagant hairstyle or a neckline that demands the attention of an up ‘do, you can make confident decisions about where you want to take your style.

#2: Find a Charleston hair salon you trust

When looking for Charleston hair salons, find stylists that are experienced when it comes to weddings. Your wedding day isn’t the time to trust family and friends to style your hair, and in all of the hustle and bustle of planning, you don’t want to run low on time. Check to make sure that the makeup and salon you go with has services that are unique for brides.

#3: Factor in the veil and other accessories

Now that you’ve found your dress and hair stylist, it’s time to start looking at the different options for your hair. Let the pro hair and makeup salon know if you want to have accessories added to your hair from elegant diamond clips to a vintage veil so that they can factor these into the different looks.

#4: Set realistic expectations

While you might dream of walking down the aisle with Selena Gomez locks, if you’re hair isn’t the right texture, then getting the results you want (even from an expert stylist), won’t be the same. However, the experts will know what your hairs shortcomings are, as well as what would look fantastic on you. Take the time to discuss all of your options and be realistic in your goals. Remember, you want to look perfect polished – but you also want to look like you.

#5: Schedule a trial run for your hair

The best hair salons in Charleston will know that most brides want to see what their hair will look like before the day of the wedding, so don’t skip your trail run. This way, you can look at your style and make any subtle changes that enhance your look, and you’ll have a good idea of how it will hold up when you’re busting a move on the dance floor.

Let the experts at Gibson Hair and Makeup enhance your wedding hairstyle and make your big day even more memorable!