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Bridal Party Hair

5 Tips on Beautiful Bridal Party Hair

Every bride wants their bridesmaids to look their best. After all, even though it’s your big day, these are some of your closest friends and family and they are excited about celebrating your wedding as well! Because they will undoubtedly be in a ton of photos as well as in full view during your wedding, your bridal party will be putting a lot of thought into how to wear their hair and makeup.

Here are a few Charleston hair and makeup salon tips to make sure everyone looks and feels great for the event.

Talk about it

This might seem obvious, but so many brides get so wrapped up in other parts of the wedding that the wedding party hairstyles are sometimes forgotten until very close to the day. Some brides don’t want to seem like a bridezilla, so they don’t want to say much, but many of your friends would probably like a little guidance. Have an open conversation about hair and makeup so you know what everyone’s thinking and can help a friend who isn’t sure.


Let’s say your wedding is a formal affair and you would really love for everyone to wear their hair up because you think it will fit with the overall theme better. However, one of your closest friends hates the way her hair looks up. See if together you can find an up-do that she loves and feels great with or maybe she can wear a half up style. Encourage her to join you at the Charleston hair and makeup salon to try a few different looks. There is no doubt, with each of you keeping an open mind, you will both find a perfect style.

Use a Hair Accessory to Make the Look Cohesive

If you have bridesmaids that have different textures and hair lengths and want to let everyone wear their hair the way they love it, a pretty way to tie everyone’s looks together is to use the same hair accessory. A beautiful comb, barrette, flower, or headband can look amazing in so many ways. This way, everyone can incorporate the accessory in their own creative way.

Consider a Trial Run for Everyone

There is no doubt that you as the bride will be getting a trial run for your hair. But, consider having one at the Charleston hair salon for all of your bridesmaids too. It’s much more doable than you would imagine and can be a great idea. This will allow everyone to air their thoughts and opinions, and also make sure everyone loves their style before the big day. Plus, it doubles as a super fun girl’s outing!

Use a Salon

Don’t leave everyone to their own devices with such an important task. Take the stress out of everyone’s day and use a Charleston hair salon to have your wedding party’s hair done. Using the same salon ensures everyone will have a cohesive look as well as knowing someone you trust will make sure your bridal party looks and feels beautiful. Some of the best memories will be made in those hours anticipating the exciting event with some of your closest friends.