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Wedding Hair Flowers

5 Tips for Using Fresh Flowers in Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

Nothing says beautiful bride quite like fresh flowers and greenery. No matter what type or style of wedding, adding blooms to your hair will look unique and pretty. When you go to the Charleston hair salon, you may already know that flowers can be the perfect accessory for flowing hair or a more traditional up do. After reading these tips, you might consider fresh flowers your must-have wedding hair piece.

Consider the Season

Who says flowers are only for spring? A sprig of holly or rosemary would make the perfect winter hair accessory and could look absolutely chic. Baby’s breath looks beautiful in any season and can be subtle and airy. There are so many different types of flowers and greenery, and a Charleston hair salon that is experienced will know this. Bring inspiring pictures to your stylist at the hair salon so they can help come up with something perfect for your wedding and hair.

Consider Your Venue

You might love roses, but if you are outdoors in the hot sun, they might not look their best after a few hours. Talk to a florist about what types of flowers and greenery will hold up and look their best. Often these are the dryer varieties like lavender and baby’s breath. You might fall in love with some flowers you didn’t even know about. Definitely, talk to a florist and your stylist at the Charleston hair salon to make sure your flowers last as long as you need them to.

Don’t Use Any Hair Product on the Flowers

Your stylist will probably know this, but the flowers are the absolute last thing to put in your hair. They shouldn’t have any hair product sprayed on them because it will make them wilt and brown. Your hair will not need a final spritz of hairspray before walking down the aisle. Don’t take matters into your own hands by spraying your hair with anything after leaving your stylist.

Look at Lots of Inspiration Photos

There are so many gorgeous pictures out there showing flowers being used as a hair accessory. Everything from using large exotic flowers as a statement piece to pictures of small flowers being weaved through braids. Some of the most beautiful are an actual flower and greenery crowns. You can find examples of these using every flower type and color imaginable. There are even beautiful pictures of brides using succulents as their flowers. The inspiration is limitless, so be prepared that it will be hard to narrow down what you want to do!

Choose a Willing and Creative Stylist

A good stylist at a Charleston hair salon will be able to help you decide how to choose the best style for your hair type. Take your stylist pictures of what you are envisioning your wedding hair to look like. They will be able to help you narrow down your choices and also give their expert opinion on how certain flowers will do in your hair throughout your wedding day. A good stylist will be excited and creative. If you feel like they are trying to talk you out of using any flowers or greenery and not giving you good reasons, definitely find a stylist who is more comfortable with working with the type of style you want. It’s your wedding day after all!