5 Hair Salon Services You Shouldn’t Ignore in the New Year

When you want to make the most of your look, you should head to a Charleston hair and makeup salon. And while you may already find yourself there quite a few times a year from regular trims to utilizing hair and makeup services for special events, there could be a few that you’re looking over. Take the time to review all of the options for hair and makeup to find the best services for your beauty goals. So, if you’re ready to take your look to a new level this year, here are a few hair salon services that you shouldn’t ignore.

#1: Brow shaping

It may surprise you how impacting your eyebrows can be for your look. But, if you don’t have experience when it comes to brow shaping, then you could be left disappointed. And it takes time for eyebrows to return to their natural state. That’s why it’s vital that you go the Charleston hair and makeup salon if you’re interested in brow shaping this year. The professionals have the skills and training to achieve a flawless look whether you are getting ready for your wedding day or you simply want eye makeup to look effortless and symmetrical.

#2: Ombre coloring

The Ombre look has many benefits and is trending for everyone from business professionals to celebrities to stay at home moms. While the look is gorgeous, the technique to achieve it isn’t one that comes out of a box. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a pro colorist at a hair salon in Charleston to get best results. But once you do, you’ll appreciate that the upkeep is easy and very low maintenance.

#3: Makeup lessons

While you can always go to the professionals at a hair and makeup salon to for makeup applications, you probably don’t always have time. So, make this the year that you take the techniques home with you by signing up for makeup lessons. Of course, you can still have makeup done for occasions like your wedding day and other big events by the pros, but day to day applications will be even more precise and flawless than ever before.

#4: Hair extensions

If you are ready for long hair but don’t want to wait months (and months) for your strands to grow out, take advantage of hair extensions. The professionals at a Charleston hair salon will make sure you get the natural look you’re going for and that the extensions are easy to incorporate into your everyday hairstyles.

#5: Shampoo blow out

Shampoo blow outs are popular because not only are they relaxing, they make your hair look fantastic. Having salon grade shampoo that is specifically designed to rejuvenate your hair and the pros giving you a lasting style is the perfect way to jump start an evening out, a first date, or is just a great way to treat yourself. If you’ve never had a salon blow out, or any of the services listed above, contact a Charleston hair salon and schedule an appointment to test one out!