5 Festive and Brilliant Makeup Ideas for the Holidays

This the season for holiday parties, memories made with family and friends, and a lot of fun and pictures. Of course, you’ll want to look your absolute best and add a festive touch this time of year, and our hair and makeup salon in Charleston has a few ideas to make that happen. You can add your own personal touches from elf ears to a sparkly Santa hat, but to make the most of your look, here are a few quick tips to get you started.

#1: Take smokey eyes up a notch

When you apply smokey eye-shadow for an evening night out, you may keep the look subtle. However, around the holidays it’s fun to take the colors up a notch. Get a little bolder with the rich colors that make smokey eyes stand out, and if you really want to take your look to the next level, have a stylist at a hair salon in Charleston complete your look with a messy bun and a few flecks of glitter peppered in.

#2: Add green and gold to your look

Now is the season to add green and gold to your look when applying makeup. While red is also a color that is part of the festive season, it can often wash the eyes out. Make sure you keep the red hues to blushes and lips, and greens and gold to the eyes and even the cheeks depending on the look you’re going for.

#3: Consider glitter eyeliner

While you might not want to wear gold or silver glitter eyeliner to a sales meeting or to a daily work event, during a holiday party, it’s the ideal look. Speak with a specialist at a hair and makeup salon in Charleston about the best makeup brands and application techniques to ensure your look is flawless. Fill in the look with eye-shadows, and if you can’t find the colors you’re going for, you can always use these shadows to fill in for eyeliner.

#4: Try a new look at the hands of a makeup artist

Whether you have a quaint family gathering to attend or you are getting ready for a big holiday work party that you want to look fantastic for, you can always have a professional at a Charleston hair and makeup salon design a brilliant holiday look for you. Bring in pictures of the looks that you are going for or let the stylists and makeup artists do the rest!

#5: Make a statement with deep red and plum lips

To complete the festive makeup application, make a statement with rich red or plum lips. While you’ll want to make sure that the deep lip color you choose compliments the eyeliner, you’re using, you’ll find the holidays are the excellent time to incorporate these stunning shades into your routine. To make the experience, even more, fun, visit a hair and makeup salon in Charleston for even more ideas!