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Hair and Makup Tips

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4 Types of Hair and Makeup Trends in 2021

Want to end 2021 in style? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Hair and makeup trends are constantly changing. And from the fashion runways to beauty influencers on Instagram, it can be hard to know what styles you should be following. But not to worry because this short guide has all the answers you need.

Keep reading to learn 4 hair and makeup trends for 2021.

1. Red Lips and Curly Hair

Red lips are here to stay! They’re bold, sexy, and go well with several different makeup looks. But if you want that lip to be the star, do a neutral eye and a bronzed face.

For the complete look, pair this sultry lip with some curly hair. And if you have natural curls, this is the year to toss the straightener and let them fly free. Pro tip: as winter approaches, make sure you keep those curls hydrated with hair oil and a leave-in conditioner.

2. Bold Liner and Shags

For a loud makeup look, do a bold and colorful eyeliner. Grab a green, pink, or blue liquid liner and do a dramatic wing. And because the liner is so strong, you can skip the eyeshadow and lip.

For your hairdo, give the shag a try. This is an intentionally messy haircut and can be worn wavy or curly. It requires you to get bangs and do a lot of layering, but the end result is stunning.

Pro tip: to get this effortlessly shaggy look, go to a hair salon and ask for internal or shattered layering.

3. Heavy Blush and Blunt Bobs

Time to exchange your contour palette for a blush palette! Blush is big right now and can even be used to contour the face. This technique is also called draping and makes for an elegant makeup look.

Heavy blush will go well with one of the hottest hairstyles of the year, the blunt bob. This sleek haircut is a short bob with straight ends. It’s great if you have long hair and need a change or want a clean and polished look.

4. 90s Matte and 70s Bangs

Let’s throw it back to the 20th century with this combo.

For the makeup, the 90s are back with matte skin, lips, and shadows. But to bring this look into 2021, add a winged liner and a shimmery shadow on the inner corner of the eye.

For the hair, try the revived Farrah Fawcett 70s curtain bangs. These aren’t the straight-across-the-forehead bangs that you’re familiar with. Instead, they’re dramatic and swoopy side bangs that can blend in with longer layered hair.

Try These 2021 Hair and Makeup Trends

These hair and makeup looks are all stylish in unique ways. So whether you try a red lip with curly hair or a nostalgic blend of 90s matte and 70s bangs, you can’t go wrong. Just rock your new 2021 style with confidence.

If you want to look extra glam this year, go see a makeup and hair stylist at GHM. Click here to book your appointment now!