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4 Deadly Mistakes When Visiting a Hair Salon

#1: Going to a Hair Salon Based on Price

If any of the old adages are true, ‘You Get What You Pay For’ is definitely the spot on. We’ve touched on this before, but not in full. There are a few, 1-in-a-million places that you can find great quality at a low, low price … but the odds are severely stacked against you. As they say, “you can get great quality and spectacular service, but you can’t get them both along with the lowest price.”

As far as small businesses are concerned, salons are a very high overhead affair. Not only do you have the typical things like, rent, electricity, products, and employee salaries, but hair salon owners must keep their stylists up-to-date with the latest training for modern products and technology. If the price is too good to be true, they are definitely taking some short cuts in either the quality if the products they are using on you or their staff’s skill levels … and I don’t really know which is worse. Another thing to note is that cheap salons don’t usually guarantee their work, but a good salon will.

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#2: Flip-Flopping From One Hair Salon to the Other

Many of us are so fixated on immediate gratification that we just go with the hair salon that can get us in the quickest. This is something that will work against you in the long-run. If you have found a good salon, stick with them and be loyal. Just like a regular at a fine restaurant will get preferential service, if you are flip-flopping around and your stylist notices that you often get your hair done somewhere else, they will be more likely to pay more attention to their loyal clients. Over a bit of time, if you are loyal to a particular hair salon, they will bend over backwards for you, and even push back appointments on not-so-loyal clients to get you in the chair. This also touches back on the guaranteed work issue. If you are a loyal client to a hair salon, they do whatever they can to make sure you happy with your hair!

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#3: Not Scheduling Enough Time For Your Visit

We all have busy schedules but if you want your hair to be done correctly and be beautifully done, then you must allow your stylist sufficient time to do so. If you only have an hour window to get you hair done on a certain day, it may be better to schedule a day where you have a larger block of available time. If you are in a rush and the stylist if forced to hurry, this is when mistakes can occur. So do both of you a favor and pick a day where you can get things done right!

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#4: Thinking That All Hair Salons Are Created Equal

We often think that all salons are basically the same … but this is not the case. Just because two hair salons have a similar price-point, does not mean they are the same. They can have different services, products, and definitely different talents and areas of expertise.

What makes a great hair stylist is not just a state issued license and god given talent, but time invested into developing their art and also the different Finishing Programs that a stylist has undergone. For instance, a stylist at one salon, though they are trained in all areas, may have attended various extra classes perfecting the art of applying extensions, while another stylist either at the station across the room or in another salon, may have attended dozens upon dozens of hours of color and treatment training. Both of these stylists are excellent, but their areas of expertise differ, so one of these stylists may be a better fit for you and the things you most frequently need.

Don’t be shy. When entering a new salon, ask the salon manager about the different stylists and their talents. Feel free to ask the stylists about their particular beauty training and don’t be shy about asking to see some of their portfolio. If you find a stylist with whom you feel a certain rapport, and they have the skills and training suited to your needs, be loyal to him or her and they will be loyal to you, but they will put their heart and soul into your hair!