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3 Tips to Creating a Perfectly Shaped Eyebrow

Did you know that eyebrow styling dates back to the Ancient Romans and Egyptians? They used to tint their eyebrows and monobrows were the height of beauty!

Like hairstyles, eyebrow trends come and go. Today, it’s en vogue to shape your eyebrows to suit your individual style using the range of techniques that are now available.

But the range of options makes eyebrow shaping seem more complex than it actually is. Here is a quick guide on how to achieve the perfect eyebrows with only the essential tips you need to know.

1. Learn About Eyebrow Mapping

You’ve no doubt seen the videos on social media where eyebrow professionals draw lines on their clients’ faces. This is eyebrow mapping and they do this to find the perfect eyebrow shapes. But styling your eyebrows shouldn’t be as difficult as geometry, right?

It shouldn’t, but you can use eyebrow mapping as a general guideline to follow. It will help you build symmetrical brows that complement your face.

Take an eyebrow pencil and hold it at the inner edge of your eyebrow. It should fall in line with the outside tip of your nose.

Look straight ahead and find where your eyebrow arches downward and hold your eyebrow pencil through it. Your pupil should sit above the pencil. And the tail of your brow should line up with the outer corner of your eye.

2. Use the Right Tools to Fill in Your Eyebrows

You should use different make-up tools to fill in your brows depending on whether you want bold or soft-looking eyebrows.

For natural and soft brows, use a pencil. You should also use a pencil if you have thinner eyebrows. Afterward, fill in any gaps with light strokes of powder with the thinnest makeup brush you have to mimic hairs.

And for bolder eyebrows, use a pomade. Use a fine brush with an angle so you can “draw” your own hairs.

Always start applying eyebrow makeup on your arch and tail first. Go back to the head of your eyebrow afterward to avoid putting too much product on this section. You’ll end up looking angry if the head section of your brows is very dark!

3. Choose the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

If you want your eyebrows to look natural then you should stick to your natural shape. Only remove hair underneath your eyebrows and above your nose.

But if you want to try something new, follow this guide to find the best eyebrow shape for your face shape:

  • Oval face – keep your natural shape
  • Round face – eyebrows with a high arch
  • Long face – flat brow line with a small curved arch
  • Square face – bushy eyebrows with a softer arch

Techniques like microblading can give you fuller eyebrows if your natural brows are wispy. 

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Finding the perfect eyebrows involves a little bit of math, the right tools, and some expert advice. Now that you know what your eyebrows should look like, it’s time to start removing hair and shaping those brows.

Charleston Hair and Makeup offer eyebrow waxing services. Professional waxing is the best way to achieve the perfect shaped eyebrows that will last.

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