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11 Super Helpful Mascara Tips to Make Your Lashes Look Stunning

On the days you’re running late but still want to look presentable, mascara is your friend. Even when you don’t feel like putting on any makeup, a perfect coat of mascara will make you look like a million bucks. Want to know how you can transform your lashes? Keep reading to learn more about these super helpful mascara tips.

Mascara Tips and Hacks for Gorgeous Lashes

1. Use Hot Water to Loosen Harden Mascara: There’s nothing worse than trying to get old, crusty mascara to work. However, there is a solution. Place the old tube of mascara in a cup of hot water for about two minutes. This will make the mascara liquid easier to apply.

2. Bend the Mascara Wand: Want to make your eyelashes pop? Bend the mascara wand for easier application. Have a wand that’s difficult to bend? Check out some of these bendable mascara applicators.

3. Use a Business Card to Keep Eyeshadow Clean: Don’t you hate it when you get mascara on your perfectly blended eyeshadow? Well, next time use a business card when you apply your mascara. This will prevent you from getting mascara on your eyelid.

4. Use a Spoon to Prevent Undereye Smudges: Never be afraid to apply mascara to your lower lash line again with this spoon eyelash hack. With the bowl-side of the spoon facing down, place it under your eyes. Then, apply your mascara. Doing this will make sure the mascara only goes on your lashes and not under your eyes.

5. Fix Clumpy Mascara with Eye Drops: Clumpy mascara can ruin any eye makeup look. Make sure your mascara goes on flawlessly by dropping in a few eye drops. This tip breaks up the clumps — making mascara application super easy.

6. Powder Up Your Lashes: Powder isn’t only for your face, use it on your lashes too. After you apply your first coat of mascara, add a bit of setting powder or baby powder to your lashes. Then go in with a second coat. This eyelash hack makes your eyelashes look thicker and longer.

7. Use Mascara as Eyeliner: Run out of eyeliner? Use mascara instead. Use an eyeliner brush and apply the mascara to your lash line. Who knew mascara was multi-functional?

8. Use a Lash Curler: Next time you do your makeup, curl your lashes while you apply mascara. This hack will give you ultra-long lashes without falsies.

9. Coat the Back of Your Lashes: Want extra luscious lashes using mascara? coat the back of your lashes the next time you apply mascara. This simple eyelash trick makes a huge difference.

10. Zig-Zag It Out: Instead of using the usual back and forth motion when applying mascara, go in a zig-zag motion. This helps separate and lift your lashes.

11. Cocktail It: No, we’re not talking about your drinks, you’re talking about your mascara. For extra-long and full looking lashes, use more than one mascara formula. For best results, apply one coat of plumping mascara then one coat of lengthening mascara.

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