Wedding Hair with Flowers

Wedding Hair Ideas to Personalize Your Look

Having gorgeous wedding hair is always the goal of the bride to be. However, sometimes when you look through wedding magazines to get ideas to take to the stylists at the hair and makeup salon in Charleston, you may find that they are missing something. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it. Often, what is missing is that personal touch that makes you you. When you love the styles in the wedding magazines, but you want to take them to the next level for your big day, then here are a few ways to personalize the look when you go the hair salon.

Sweep away naturally

If you see a picture of a beautiful bride with her hair perfectly swept to the left or to the back, but your natural look always goes towards the right, don’t try to force it to go a different direction. Bringing in a part of your everyday look to your wedding style will help you embrace your natural look and the stylist at the hair and makeup salon can take that look up to the next level.

Mindfully accessorize

Just because your wedding dress has a specific veil that goes with it does not mean that you have to use it. You don’t have to pick the same accessories that are in the photos you see, and you don’t have to choose pieces because they are in a bridal shop. Go to places that you love to shop at and see what they have. Vintage shops, local boutiques, and more will have plenty of inspiration, and be sure you bring the accessory to your trial run at the Charleston hair and makeup salon.

Go chic messy

If you are going with a casual or rustic wedding, you may be game to incorporate driftwood and wildflowers into your reception, but when it comes to your hair, you may keep looking at polished styles that just make you feel like a different person. Speak with a stylist about messy looks that can be glammed up and meet your wedding theme. Trust that these are not going to look like you just got out of bed, but they will highlight the natural wave of your locks.

Add a fresh sprig

If you have a favorite flower or color, then you should add a fresh sprig to your hair, and this can come in many forms. A daisy chain, a single purple flower, and other subtle arrangements will liven up your wedding look, and a stylist at a Charleston hair salon can help. They know the best techniques to incorporate flowers into your hair so that they last from the wedding day appointment until you dance the last song at your reception.

Get inspired by time periods

Do you love jazz, or maybe classic Hollywood? If there is a particular time period that you are drawn towards because you love the style, then grab some vintage photos and let them inspire your wedding look. Share these at your appointment at the Charleston hair salon, and soon your bridal style will be personalized to your favorite looks from the past.