Makeup Organizer

Tips for Organizing Hair Accessories, Products, and Equipment

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of hair products, make-up, and beauty equipment. There are so many fun brands and accessories to try whether you are at your favorite Charleston hair salon or a local store. However, it can also get out of hand pretty quickly. Soon, your bathroom is a mess, and you can’t find anything you need. To help you get started, here are a few tips from Gibson Hair and Makeup in Charleston to keep all of your beauty products organized and within easy reach.

#1: Keep your everyday items within reach

Keep a pretty tray, bowl, or something similar out on your counter for the makeup and beauty items you use daily. This should include moisturizer, your favorite eyeshadow and brush, and any other items you use often. Keep other makeup items, like the lipstick you only use on date night or the blush palettes you use for black tie events, in another makeup bag in a drawer. This will make getting out the door so much faster since you won’t have to sift through everything for the mascara you put on every single day.

#2: Clean-out often

It’s worth your while to go through all of your products and accessories every month or so and toss anything that is out of date, dried up, or you simply never use. Keep only the products that you love and use. Don’t forget to do this with everything from nail polishes to lotions. This will also keep you from overbuying stuff you already have or remind you to buy that eyeliner you are almost out of.

#3: Group things together

Grouping like things together will help you find items you are looking for. You’ll notice the experts at Gibson Hair and Makeup do the same! Find a fun basket or bag to keep all of your nail polish bottles and nail care products together. Then, when you are ready to give yourself a manicure, just grab that basket. Don’t let your cleaning supplies get mixed up underneath the sink with your lotions and hair sprays. Organize your things and then buy attractive baskets and bins to keep like-items together.

#4: Look for storage

Examine your bathroom and see if you are wasting valuable storage space. See where you can hang shelving to keep some of your products within sight and easy reach. Not only does it free up drawers, but so many beauty products come in very pretty bottles and packaging, so it will probably look a lot better than you imagine. If open shelving isn’t your thing, look at space behind cabinet doors and see if you can’t hang some storage solutions there.

#5: Buy storage solutions that you need

Before you buy makeup bags and bins, look at every single thing you own and group everything together. Look at your space and decide how it will best serve you. Once you know what kind of items you need, make a list and go shopping. You might love that cute little makeup bag, but it’s the completely wrong size. Do you need a heat resistant cover for your flat iron? How many bins do you need for under your sink? Don’t guess while you are at the store. Have a plan and pretty soon, your bathroom will be as organized as Gibson Hair and Makeup’s and ready to help you look beautiful and fresh every day!