Picture Day Makeup

Picture Day Hair and Makeup Tips

Whether you are getting family pictures taken for holiday cards, you have wedding coming up, or you are updating your business profile picture, there are a few hair and makeup tips that you should follow. We’ve all had those experiences in our lives when a picture day did not turn out as planned, and we end up searching for the image that we look good in and sometimes settling for those that we aren’t quite happy with. However, by following a few simple tips from your hair and makeup salon, you will look fantastic for all of those picture days in life.

Ask for tips when you get a trim

Well before you have a picture day, you should come in for a trim at a Charleston hair and makeup salon. You can get pro tips and let us know about your upcoming event and what your goals are for the look. You should also ask about makeup services, and consider doing a trial run ahead of time to see how you appear in pictures and how the look complements the clothing that you are wearing for the event.

Make a hair and makeup salon appointment for picture day

There are many events that it will make sense to leave the hair styling and makeup to the professionals such as weddings, anniversary and holiday parties, and business portfolios. When you want each aspect of your look to be tended to and given attention, then schedule an appointment with a makeup salon in Charleston to ensure you are ready for the big day. Stylists and makeup artists will use precision so that you leave feeling and looking amazing.

Test a few different looks

When it comes to pictures that will last a lifetime, you will want to test a few different looks. While you will want to look like yourself for family pictures and on your wedding day, you should strive to get the styles that showcase the best version of yourself. You will also want to factor in things like the weather and the lighting of the event when you choose a hairdo and shades of makeup. Remember, an outdoor wedding in ninety-degree temperatures and an indoor winter gathering with family will both have a style that is caters more to the event.

Practice the style you are trying to achieve

Even if you decide to go to a Charleston hair and makeup salon the day of the big event, you can still practice the styles that you are trying to achieve. Especially if the picture day look you are going for is outside of your comfort zone, it will help you get familiar with it so that you can wear it naturally.

Don’t forget to have fun

Be sure you don’t get too caught up in trying to get every last strand in an exact placement because when you have a big day coming up that makes everyone get their camera out, you are making a memory and want to your spirit to come through. Even if it is a head shot for your business profile picture, be sure that you shine through in the photo.