Brown Eye Makeup

Makeup Colors that Make Brown Eyes Pop

Applying makeup is an art, and it is important that you spend time learning about your canvas and the colors that make it stand out. Your eyes are a big part of that canvas, and if you have brown eyes, you will find that there are some specific colors that will enhance and make them pop. You won’t always want to wear the exact same shades as a someone with blue or green eyes would, and here we look at the hues that are always a great choice for you.

If you want to learn more about the shades and shadows that will work for your particular eye color, schedule an appointment at a hair and makeup salon in Charleston, SC so you can meet with a pro and get solid advice (as well as have your makeup done!).


You can find some vibrant and electric blues that will make your brown eyes stand out, and a beautiful sapphire or cobalt will be an excellent splash of color. It provides a lovely contrast of colors and can look stunning for a night out on the town or a day at work.

Gold (with a touch of green)

Brown eyes go fantastically with metallic shades such as gold, and when you add a nice touch of green with the golden hue, you will love the results. Trust that you can get the look you achieve at the hair and makeup salon in Charleston, SC when you practice, and even though this shade looks bold and maybe out of your comfort zone when attempting it on your own, it is a nice and even color that looks good day or night.


Copper or other colors that can give a neutral feel will be ideal for brown eyes, while still letting them shine. Copper and brown shadows will be perfect for every day when you can’t quite pull off electric colors that may not be right for business presentations or other events in your day. You can also jazz this color up by incorporating some fun colors on the bottom lash.


Purple will flatter many different eye colors, and brown is absolutely one of them. Whether you have light, medium, or dark brown eyes, you will find that you add depth to your look because purple is an intriguing color. Take the time to speak with a makeup artist at a hair salon in Charleston about the different shades that will work with everything from your hair to your eyes to your skin tone.

A few shades to avoid

If you have brown eyes, you may want to avoid light colors like baby blue, yellow, and pink because these hues can make your eyes look washed out. Speak with an expert at a hair and makeup salon in Charleston about the variety of colors and makeup brands, and let them guide you towards the hues that will work with your skin tone and your shade of eye color.