Protect the Wedding Gown

How to Protect Your Wedding Gown From Hair and Makeup Mishaps

When you are piecing together your wedding attire, you may forget to factor in how you will bring the entire look together. There is an order that you will want to take depending on timing, the way the dress is put on, and what your vision is for the look. You should speak to your stylist at the Charleston hair and makeup salon about the best practices when preparing for the day you slide into your gown. To help you start thinking about the best ways to protect your wedding dress from hair and makeup mishaps, here are a few steps.

Have a detailed schedule for getting ready

You will already have a pretty long schedule for the wedding day, but when you want to protect your wedding gown from hair and makeup mishaps, you may need to refine it even more. Make sure you have taken your gown off and on to ensure you can get it over your hair without disrupting the look. If you have to put your dress on first, you should speak with the Charleston hair and makeup salon about having your style done last, and then get a large smock to put over your gown for protection. If you do pull your gown over your head as the last step in the process when getting ready, make sure your bridesmaids are there to carefully assist.

Prepare for possible mishaps ahead of time

If you know you are taking pictures in an area that has thick grass, then make sure you have researched the best way to handle grass stains. And the same goes if you plan on reapplying makeup. Make sure you should know the best way to get out mascara and have those supplies on hand. The more prepared you are with information about cleaning your dress in cases such as a bridesmaid dropping a tube of lipstick on it, the better your chances of preserving the look throughout the night without a blemish.

Choose your makeup and hair salon wisely

The hair and makeup salon in Charleston that you choose should have skilled professionals that will guide you through the process from the trial run to the day of your wedding. We will ensure that the makeup and hair techniques applied will have lasting qualities and the products used will be designed for longevity so that you look fantastic from morning to night, and that everything stays in place.

Be mindful throughout the day

Being mindful can be the hardest part when it comes to protecting your wedding gown from hair and makeup mishaps. Everyone that helps you look your best on your wedding day should also take their time when adjusting your hair and makeup as the different events take place such as pictures, walking down the aisle, and after that first dance. You should also have a backup outfit on hand that is just as glamorous and is ideal to leave for your honeymoon in. That way, if something does go wrong and you want to get your dress to the cleaners immediately for preservation, you will still be confident with your look.