Wedding Hair Prep

How to Prep Your Wedding Hair Months in Advance

Getting engaged is such an exciting time in a relationship, and of course, you want to enjoy these months (and sometimes years) as much as possible. But, that doesn’t mean the wedding day and the bridal look isn’t at the forefront of your mind. With the help of a hair and makeup salon in Charleston, you can actually prep your wedding hair months in advance to ensure a flawless style. The first step is getting started, and here are a few ways to make the most of your look sooner rather than later!

Begin looking through magazines for hair ideas

You’ve probably already grabbed a few bridal magazines to help get a better idea of bridal styles. When you are looking at all of those dresses, make sure you are also paying attention to the hair and makeup. When you find the styles you like, mark them in your magazine or flag them on your computer, and then bring the photos with you when you go to your next appointment at a Charleston hair and makeup salon.

Choose the Charleston hair salon you’ll be using

Many brides choose to go to a different salon than usual when getting their hair done for a wedding because they want to go to experienced stylists that understand wedding looks. The earlier you choose a Charleston hair salon for your wedding day, the sooner you can get started perfecting the style that is right for you.

Focus on your health

Over the course of time between getting engaged and walking down the aisle, you should focus on your health. Drinking more water, keeping your hair from weather damage, and other factors should be taken into account so that your hair is strong and makeup is applied smoothly. Plus, when you feel healthier and have more energy, you can reduce stress levels that often come with planning a wedding.

Schedule trial runs

Schedule trial runs at the Charleston hair and makeup salon in advance so that you have to time to squeeze in one or two more in case you want to test a new style. Go ahead and check this box off your list, and don’t hesitate to ask a friend to come, take pictures that you can look at later, and get some advice from the pros. Wear clothing that is going to be a close match to the color of the dress, and go out after the trial run at the Charleston hair salon to ensure the look holds up all day.

Identify and stop bad hair habits

We are all guilty of a few bad hair habits whether we use the wrong hair ties that break strands or we apply too much heat when styling. Speak with a specialist at a Charleston hair salon about your daily routine and what you should be doing to prevent split-ends, breaks, and damage. Also keep up with routine trims and visits to the salon, even when wedding planning is at its most hectic to ensure your hair is spot on for the big day.